Thursday, December 27, 2007

I have about 3 seconds to explain this...

Okay, maybe ten minutes if I'm not interrupted by phone calls. If I have to tell one more person the correct number to the Hershey's Chocolate Factory (our number is very, veeery similar) I just might pretend that I actually work there. Anyway, I couldn't stop thinking about this train of thought. Here goes: The notion that outstanding sex lives make our relationships last. I was at the book store on my lunch break reading books about how to keep the lust alive. Why? Sure, why not? I have no idea since It's been awhile for me. Whatever. Maybe I'm subconsciously gearing up for one. One that will inevitably lose some of it's magic naturally and because well I read a book or two -- I'll know what to do? Or maybe I fear that the time has rendered me a little rusty around the edges. Who cares? It happens to everyone. Why should I be uptight about this kind of thing? Never mind, that's beside the point. This particular book that was written by a female author shall remain nameless because well I forget the title already. Books like these always wind up infuriating me because like many of this genre it tends to be one sided. If only great relationship/marriages thrived from these books that read like instruction Manuel's. C'MON. People can read all of these books, try out all the off the wall sexual shenanigans these books guarantee to be dynamite but what it boils down to is personality*. That's all I need to keep me going. Where's the sexual seminars coaching this aspect?! I'm sure there are and I know we all know this but do we? Sometimes I simply forget it. So, when you're feeling down and unsexy just know nothing matters just go with it. I'd love to stand tall on my soap box but I'm afraid I just broke it over the telephone that keeps ringing. This was just an idea to keep in mind but I'm afraid I've gotta go back to work...

Get back to me!

*Yes, I realize attraction still matters.

Sleeping Under Strange, Strange Skies

Lately, I've been kind of scatterbrained. I haven't been able to finish a single thought let alone keep up with this thing. My excuse: I've been working too much? I'm not sure what it is exactly about my move to Havertown that has changed my schedule entirely; I just know that my days have slanted into a routine blur of work and sleep. Things will slow down. I'll stop neglecting fun... eventually. I promise. Also, I vow that this isn't as bleak as it sounds. It just comes across apathetic. I wish you could all see how dangerously funny I look as I lethargically smatter my fingers across my keyboard in attempt to explain this. Anyway, I'm about to fall flat on my desk so I'll wrap this up by saying I hope everyone wound up getting through Christmas alive. It was only yesterday but it somehow seems like days ago. I guess that's what happens when work starts at 8am the following day.

PS- Unrelated note: I wound up copywriting this and I have no idea how to change the placemnet or the color of text!? Infranview is stubborn. Anyway, I gave a 17x20 print to my brother for Christmas (with out the copy right) and he loved it. I'm glad I didn't chicken out. I was really excited to give this to him.

Honestly, I have no idea how to change the placement or color of the copyright or I would.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Thursday, December 06, 2007

They call me whiskers because I'm curious like a cat...

I'm kind of embarrassed to delve into this particular story out of a. sounding self-indulgent b. noticing and taking the time to figure this out. Though, it is a necessary one to tell and at best you will see a bunch of neat costumes. You will understand what the f I mean in a few moments. Privacy of ourselves on the Internet is something that cannot always be controlled. What winds up all over the Internet is a force stronger than we may realize? Knowing that our privacy is valued... sometimes... alright, never. Over the past few days I had noticed some odd activity happening on my Flickr account. I shouldn't say odd but an increased flow of traffic particularly, on a certain Halloween photo. Within a few days the view count had quadrupled. Yes, I notice these things? Considering I'm Friends with 3 people on Flickr I found the popularity to be bizarre. Immediately, I concluded that this picture must have leaked somewhere. B-B-B-But isn't that crazy to assume?? Naturally, this made me a little nervous & paranoid. There was only one solution to this quagmire. A self-obsessed stronghold came over my conscience and I jokingly googled some simple tag words. Expecting to find a smattering of humorous content and maybe the warm feeling of narcissitic stupidity this was not the case. Moments go by and BAM!! I'm nicely tucked into the middle of this webpage. Brooklynvegan had posted this without my approval. Now this shocked and rocked me, too? Yes, indeed. Despite that I could care less, this worries me and serves as a reminder to be extremely careful posting content onto the Internet. Luckily, I've kept this in mind every post. And as for BV ask next time, jerk faces!

A word of advice: be careful before you post those snazzy party photo's of you and your friends. I would know.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007


... a tree fell on our house and busted a hole in our laundry room ceiling. This is true. THIS REALLY HAPPENED. If my Canon weren't busted I'd be posting the photos. If I stuck my hand out of my bedroom window I could break off a twig. FANTASTIC!!! Luckily no one was harmed. None of us were here to witness the spectacle. I tend to hang out in the laundry room a lot more than I'd like to admit. Though this makes me happy, the tenacious tree trunk hanging lifelessly over our kitchen roof does not. Also, the 25 mile winds blowing against its lifeless limbs make me all the more uneasy. The winds tonight have been relentless. I'm positive they're to thank for this warming gift. I better not get crushed while eating my cereal tomorrow morning. When I was greeted with this, I decided to take a drive to the special place I go to at such shiftless times --It isn't really special-- I just wind up there a lot. As I drove to the book store in Delaware the sky started to flurry side ways (again, with the wind). While I enjoy hot weather mostly, there's something completely relaxing about the first snow fall (there was a dusting Sunday morning too). It makes me realize how much I actually don't mind the cold weather even though I really hate it most of the time. I'm also handling the weather much more gracefully this year.

Maybe I'm developing early menopause?

Monday, November 26, 2007

In short this is AWESOME

This just in my brother WILL NOT be going to Afghanistan in January '08!!! I never mentioned it before (probably because its too hard to bring up in casual conversation) but he had been telling our family that he would be deployed after the New Year. Of course this made my heart sink into an awful pit of depression that had lasted as long as the day he told me this past May. He has always kept a positive attitude and I have not a clue as to what it has been like for him as well as those who have suffered greatly from this war. I'd just like to take a moment to say how sincerely lucky our family is to have had him come home in one piece the first second time around. Remember when your fighting with your sibling how important they are to you. Always keep that in mind. Oh, and that they are probably responsible for introducing you into the Wu-Tang Clan and teaching you
how to be cool.

All and all it's been an outstanding Thanksgiving.

It's Provactive. It get's the people going.

The work situation: tuckered-out beyond comprehension. 4 hours of sleep per night just doesn't cut it. Current fear: accidentally farting with head phones on at the office. Hating the fact that I could reaaaallly go for some organic Chai. I'll write more tonight hopefully not on Organic Chai. I'm making promises to update this more, this was just to get the ball rolling.

Also, here's something to get excited about. The Strummer movie is on demand under IFC Theaters!!! After all of my bitching....

Monday, November 12, 2007

Could we keep it down?! Edited*

I'm seriously considering picking up one of these bad larry's. What? It wooould be a Christmas present for somebody else. If anyone else is stumped on what to get people check out The Office'supdated merch section! I have a dundie picked out for someone already!

Thursday, November 08, 2007

If this is it for me. Promise me you will host the Dundies.

I stop reading this site for a week or two and HOLY SHIT this happens. There's a link to Jenna Fischer's Blog explaining it pretty clearly. On some more unfortunate news my computer is broken. I'm now broadcasting from work and goddamnit these phones are ringing off the hooks while I attempt to read, process & write this momentous shit storm(my job is to answer them sometimes when the receptionist is out).

Hold me.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

The Future is Unwritten: Joe Strummer

I've tried to buy this twice ; the UK will not deliver it to me for whatever reason. It may not transfer on my DVD player. Either way, it plays in select theaters on Nov. 2nd (ALSO MY BIRTHDAY! and well The Day of the Dead of course). However, I think I'm on the wrong coast. I won't get to see it. Needlesstosay, this is exciting & I anxiously await the DVD release.

I have listened to this repeatedly over the entire Summer; I have yet to get tired of it. Buy the soundtrack.
"Trash City" -Joe Strummer featuring The Latino Rockabilly War

PS- I promised some personal updates. What's new besides my botanical laundry detergent as mentioned in the previous entry that I will continually bring up and proudly brag about?! I've got nothing except that it's totally 80 degrees in October. I can't complain.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

You Smoke too?!

It's almost midnight on a Sunday night. While I'm waiting for my Simply Sleep to kick I'll update everyone. This weekend was the first time I could cut loose in what seems to be a very long time. Sadly, no one was around. Even though it made me realize how important an available* group of friends really are; it was the first chance I had to attend to some much needed domestics. I bought a curtain rod, curtains, fruit bowl, fabric softener, organic laundry detergent (this was honestly an impulse but it smelled fantastic), some work clothes (I was looking pretty unkempt), fake flowers, teapot, frames & DVD's etc. Pretty much everything I didn't think I needed or hadn't had the chance to pick up. I decided that my room must resemble nothing short of a palace, a relatively affordable palace and while some might say this is taking it too far, it's okay I'm crazy about this sort of thing. Even if it means traveling to Delaware back and forth 10 too many times to the World Market to buy that unnecessary wool shag rug. Whatevs, I'm worth the hassle. I'm a lucky lady to have had my friend, Sean allow me to move into his house tucked nicely into the neighborhoods of Havertown, Pa. Well, I gotta run because that Simply Sleep demands my presence. Before I go two things: a. I preemptively apologize for not returning any ones texts or phones calls. I have horrible reception and must stand very still or on the roof b. This entry could not be more of a boring read. I hope this helped anyone fall asleep.


*available meaning friends that haven't left the state or have time to hang out. i have many friends but the number of available friends keep on dwindling through time.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Between moving, two jobs, & painting. I'm surprised I haven't been hospitalized for exhaustion or a nervous breakdown. I'll be back soon with some stories & updates. Also, before I go (I hope I still have readers. Did I ever?) I'm thinking about changing my url. This is of course only under the circumstance that I can have all of my old entries converted under the new url. Can you even do that?

I'll keep you posted.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Welcome to HELL

No, seriously I've been painting for 3 days now.
"Strokin'"-Clarence Carter

Sunday, September 23, 2007

There's a new sheriff here in these offices. And his name is me.

Sure, we've all been hearing about Season 4 of 'The Office' but jeez can we wait any longer?!?! Officetally has been keeping me informed all Summer. Anyway, sit tight here's a clip from Season 4, compliments of I know it's too short but quit being depressed like this bear drawing! Also, this weeked I managed to snag two mugs, and about 9 other 'Office' supplies from Target's $1 bins!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

John Krasinski's Humbled Beginning & My Recent Whereabouts!

Preface: I've been combing the Internet dry of all its possible job resources.

Today when a seemingly wonderful opportunity presented itself through an e-mail I was kind of delighted. I received the e-mail at exactly 12:36pm to meet with a person on a Tuesday at 1pm. Whaaaa??? I can’t make that. Confused on whether this was today or next Tuesday (there was no date listed). I responded asking for further details. Of course it was for today. Oh, well. I thought you snooze, you lose. No big deal but to my surprise this art internship would like to meet with me tomorrow at 11am in Philadelphia.

Here’s my qualm of the century. They have zero samples of my work but only a resume and a cover letter. I'm also supposed to meet with a team of "Film Producer" types that I've never spoken to or met in my entire life to discuss promoting and possibly creating movie posters for a film I've also never seen? This is what I know about the film, it is an independent horror/comedy. I have no idea what I should do with this! It all seems logical until somebody gets hurt. What if they expect me to be a some sort of professional when I'm actually rudimentary at every Adobe program. What is they are not professionals? Not to be judgemental but they could be a bunch of crazed, lonely, bearded freaks --who lock themselves in basements at nights?! This smells like a scam and has every shade of wrong stamped all over it. Plus, it could be a porno. What if it's a PORNO!!! Dear, God! I'm getting ulcers thinking about this convoy leading toward disaster. I've biten off more than I can chew. Also, I'm totally hamming this up to be a big deal. I can just say no. Jeez, there is no need to be dramatic.

HELP ME?! I KNOW. I’ll help myself by sitting this one out.

Where. Do. I. Begin?

More importantly what if I only spoke in one word sentences? How bad would you want to slap me in the face?! There's too much to write about and goddamnit, I want to tell you all about it. Unfortunately, I just can't. It would be tough to cram it all into one entry.

First, I'M MOVING OUT October 1st!! It's official. My waiting to exhale moment has finally arrived (Hmpf, I'm amazed and terrified that I just typed that). After 3… no… possibly… 4 years the day has arrived. No more lazy nights at home groaning at my poor bastard self. I had school as an excuse & an anchor of self-doubt keeping me home but I'll save that 300 page story for another day. Many 23 year-olds would be excited. I, am but on the other hand am more scared than excited at the moment. I will say that once I'm settled the excitement will set in and I will probably drink way too much to sooth my homesick nerves. Just kidding. No, really I probably won't have enough money to afford a drink. Plus, that is crazy talk.

Speaking, of money about a month ago on vacation (retarded fun, BTW) I broke my beloved Canon. In my normal clumsy fashion I allowed my camera to fall from the couch cushions onto the rug dropping approx 2 feet. This makes no.2 on my busted camera list BOTH occurring in California. This will cost more than a brand new one to fix. Yikes, I have no idea when I'll be posting new photos. I have to cheer myself up by telling myself I can always dig into the archives for old ones.

Lastly, I got this wonderful photo here. I know, I can't wait for Season 4 either!

Good Night, Everybody.

PS-I planned on posting sooner. This post is dedicated to Robin. She left me a comment earlier today demanding a new post!! It not only cheered me up but I knew damn well that she meant business.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Swing Low My Sweet Chariots

My brother called and urged me to join my Mom in the other room. Confused I ask, why? He shhh's me and says, just look this will be good. Oh, it was. I just spent the last fifteen minutes upstairs peering out of our guest room window at our new neighbor. What is he doing? karate on his van, while laughing manically at his own moves. From how it sounded the roof of his car took a mega beat down. His age has yet to be confirmed due to the distance and darkness. Okay, it gets better he jumps off the car and starts running back and forth vigorously. For those of you who need a visual. Inspired I googled Karate. I came across something, fantastic. Thiskarate chimp will accompany you with a similar helpful visual demonstration. Enjoy!


Who the shit is Kingsley Zissou?

I'm sort of too exhausted to write anything real so I schlepped together an assortment of photos from my trip to California.

Oh, there will be more.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Late Night Quandary Pt.2: The Perplex Yourself Edition

He said to me, and I quote, "No body gives a shit about you." And that my friends came straight from my brother's mouth as we drove in search of some books to read. It was just one of the many, many lovely shards of advice he had for me on careers (ha, careers). And of course he gives a shit about me, no doubt (let's not take this out of context, like I just did). First, let's raise our fists and eat a samich to that! Hooray, for honesty. Yeah, that's me chomping on some triumphant croissant, don't you forget it! In all seriousness, let's dwell for a second?! These exact words had been roving around in my head for weeks!! The lack of care we receive on a daily basis is not limited to careers which to be quite frank bores the living piss out of me and I feel as though this is the one area where people so fairly give themselves the right not to give a damn (which is awful) but this goes beyond that. It filters into almost every aspect of our regular lives. It's true, how many times have you told a person a story about yourself? And they weren't listening, let alone cared. I mean really cared. Most of the time these conversations are interrupted by thoughts or less personal agendas. Any Communications course in College will hang on this to an aggravating extent. Why? It's annoying as FUCK and most need to free themselves of this habit. It is a communication error that has comfortably and lazily worked its way into our social interacting lives. Before I'm lampooned for said declarations -- I realize that this ALWAYS works both ways and expecting attention for every detailed sound to leave my throat would be crazy and just a taaad narcissistic too. Nor do I think that this includes immediate friends. Obviously, friends/loved ones are exempt from this category and sometimes not but for the most part they give a damn. This doesn't so much concern my immediate life either as does the fact: this is happening all around, to everyone. Barriers are built to avoid interaction. Egos thicken and suddenly the 'tude grows. It grows so large that you're screaming at a funeral procession for moving too slowly on a Thursday because you're late to work. Which by the way has never and hopefully will never be me first hand. WOW, how awful is that?! The sad part about this, is that it probably happens every time one passes through a busy street. RESPECT the dead fucktards. It's getting late, and I could go all night citing small examples. In fact, I'd honestly like to talk more about this because as always, thoughts move and go into "weird" directions. For the time being I've calmed myself of this thought. B-b-but Sarah, wait!? People are idiots?!? Yes, yes they're indeed idiots. While this couldn't be more true and we take comfort in knowing the fact that OTHER people's shit indeed stinks far more than our own. Here's the jingle: Everyone poops. A duece is still a duece no matter what, right? No asshole is safe including mine and the world isn't entirely comprised of just roving, walking, talking, idiots. I've got to split even though I've confused everyone -I'm pretty sure only half of what I just said actually made sense.

Still, Thanks and Goodnight!

You'll thank me for this later.
"Together In Pooping" -Triump The Insult Comic Dog

PS- I had different song to post as well a different entry to write but this will do for now. Still, who gives a shit, anyway. Oh, and start giving a shit will ya.

Monday, August 06, 2007

Under Construction

NOTE: To anyone who just read the last entry (from 15 minutes ago) I took it down. My apologies, truth be told it needed editing*. Ahh, anyway I promise, promise some more updates soon!

G'Night Folks.

* I usually do this when I write something too quickly or if I have too many links that break up my writing. I find that when you get stuck between writing and researching at the same time the entry loses something.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

a.m. doldrums

I stare at this window everyday. Yeah..

PS- Updates coming soon!!! Also, the weather this past week has been phenomenal. So much so that everyone should celebrate lovingly.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

You can never go home again, Oatman... but I guess you can shop there.

Ei-yi-yiiiiiiii. These 12 hour+ days are rocking the shit out of me. Anyway, in efforts to save my brain from turning into total mush I tried to capture the subtle magic of summer earlier by photogizing a lightening bug. I do what I can? From what you can make out the little bugger is buzzing to your right. Though, blurry this suits my mental state. So. Tired.

This is perfect for a hot, lazy day in July and YEAH so what?! So what if this song played in Dirty Dancing. Yeah, 'The Swayze' pranced around on a log, in the woods in total man tights in effort to teach Baby the right moves. The song beats the shit out of that movie. It's fantastic, don't let that swaaaaaayze you. WOW. Wow, I just made you all not listen to this and quite possibly another single word from my mouth.

Hey Baby -Bruce Channel

Truce, still friends?!

Sunday, July 15, 2007


This hits stores Sept. 4th. I haven't decided whether or not to pre-order this from Amazon for $32.49 (eligable for free shipping!) and possible recieve it late, or take my chances with Best Buy on the day of and possibly pay more.

What should I do?!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Kinda crept up on you, didn't it? No, you drove us here.

Today's weather has our pavement begging us for some doughnuts.
This made me laugh.

You better give it some, and play this while you do it
Tones on Tail -GO!

Monday, July 09, 2007

As someone who couldn't be more obsessed with the idea that we do not live forever and that time is a precious stone. This couldn't be more outstanding to read. Nicely, done Tan.

When I find a place where I belong -The Slackers

I'm convinced that this song is a remake, but I have yet to find proof. I have to say that The Slackers are hit or miss with me but this song is entirely too sweet not to be slightly moved. Plus, I have no idea why but this song has been following me all week.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

You're smart. I like you. I'll probably give you a nickname

Why do we need another shopping center on Baltimore Pike? It's already over-crowded with a crapola of redundancy that further deteriorate land with stores, that only encourage all us not to go to Delaware to shop. Do we really need another Target, Acme, & Home Depot? When you can find all three of these within a 5 mile radius? Much land is being wasted at it's cost which of course infuriates the living shit out of me. Plus, if you're going to build such a mondo shopping center instead of sitting it across from Briton Lake, we all know that the Granite Run Mall could use a little revamping!?! To put it nicely that place is an unrestricted dump of generic stores that we've never heard of. This topic was long overdue, but as I drove past this site the other day I wanted to scream at its nod of future decadence. Not to mention Baltimore Pike is extending a lane to make room for this awful pit of commerce!?!? Awful.

Anyway, I've been meaning to post sooner but I've been tired, and busy. I've been writing in a spiral bound note book frequently during lunch hour mainly for the sake of sanity and also in the hopes to generate some new ideas for this blog. Unfortunately, my intentions fell short and none of which written on paper has made it onto this site. The reason? My guess is laziness? Or Maybe I have a hard time reiterating "the over-zealous bees cut through the air like machetes" -this urges some reconsideration. Okay, okay that was just a kewl line needless to say momentary writing is always questionable at a later date for me. Though, that's not to say its not valuable. Some of the best writing comes from unexpected moments. Speaking, of moments I've been reading Redemption Song every second I get. Its whooping 640 pages will be savored, and I almost want to take my time finishing it because it's that outstanding. Though, I've been reading it at a snails pace due to unrelenting workload. I've passed the first quarter of the book following his childhood and into early adult-hood. So far the book has chronicled Joe Strummer's earnest attempts at becoming a musician long before he hit a magnitude of success with The Clash. From what I've gathered Joe Strummer was quite the Casanova with the ladies (no surprise there), though he seemed to fall in love quickly he could truly be friends with women. Women seemed to trust his outgoing nature. Strummer had several close female friendships one of which included him marrying a friend solely so she could gain citizenship. This level of warmth blew mind and also saddened me to know that such a person no longer exists. Hands down, this book has been worth every penny. READ THIS, I don't care if I haven't finished it yet, that's just the nature of two jobs getting in the way. DO IT.

Also, check out these For more in podcasts: Redemption Song: The Ballad of Joe Stummer.

I must sleep.

Monday, June 18, 2007

I feel like chucking boulders.

I've been nothing but busy lately. Eventually I'll work back into a regular writing rhythm. It's just I'm working two jobs and everyday my future suddenly changes. Particularly surrounding living situations. I hate this. My friend is ready to cut off our friendship because I decided not to move in with her. Could it get worse? Probably, but this really sucks.

PS- No seriously, this rock contains a speaker for music listening. Judas Priest! My parents are crraaazy for buying this.

Monday, June 04, 2007

"like putty in your clever, sexy little hands"

I know, I know this is loooong overdue but the Beastie Boys are releasing a full-length instrumental album set to come out June 26Th!!! When SPIN was covering this in April and pretty all of the music blogs that diligently noted its release in May, I was too, too busy chasing lady pants as well as being captivated by the dreamy AD Rock and his loyal courtship with Kathleen to even notice!!!! As some may be underwhelmed by an instrumental release, or if you're disenchanted with the Beastie enterprise altogether DON'T BE!! Get ready to be perplexed with amazement because the Beasties are blowing off their monitor screens for instruments! Much of the album is filled with influences from the likes of Gang of Four, & The Slits.

Listen to it here. Or better yet watch & listen to it on their very own website.

Pre-order here.

PS- Like the Beastie Boys I'm taking a break from the glowing drone of computers this means I won't be posting. Miss me already? We'll don't be because expect some awesomeness when I get back from my much needed vacation roughly lasting 2 weeks.

Sunday, June 03, 2007


OKAY, this photo was inspired by Vampire Weekend. Although, I had the chandelier on my porch first, damnit. Nonetheless, these guy have rocked me into submission these past weeks. Also, I'm considering starting up a myspace account (again) strictly to generate more blog traffic on here. Though, I reaaally don't want to.


Thursday, May 31, 2007

By the Power of Snails

The weather as of lately is fit for wearing inappropriately tiny shorts like these bad larry's. In regard to the link. Wow, I know Henry, it's hot but throw on a damned shirt for christs sakes! You've got guests. Summer is around the corner and that's why I take solace in sticking my snaggle rocks (code for deranged toes) into cooler waters. Every year I compose a Summer 'to do' list. I haven't made mine yet this year (I still have time) but I already know that I've vowed to take more photos. Expect some frequent flickr updates, I'll try to keep 'em fresh by editing them. Speaking of Summer agendas, who wants to see Ocean's 13?!? The media destroyed the sequel including those who made the movie by deeming it unacceptable in comparison to the first & original. So why see the third? Well, aside from the fact that the second was not the heist film we all remember from the first that followed in the footsteps of the 1960's original it goes unnoticed that the sequel was filled with bits of humor & total demise that the first one in my opinion didn't have. Plus it was like watching an international thieve off between talented crooks backed with some seriously awesome hip-hop/garage induced freak beats. If that doesn't sell you in seeing the third? According to an article the directors believe this one to be the finale they intended to make in place of no.2's disaster(said article has since disappeared from my memory). So come on folks! See this movie with me even though most of the actors are tired of making these goddamn films! George Clooney believes he will be too old for the next one. If I understand correctly Ocean's 13 is intended to be the last of them. I'll drop it for now but seriously. For me?

I was a tad hesitant (as I always am) to post another song on here because I know ya'll don't download from this site. I see the numbers!?!!?! Honestly, that wasn't a target against anyone. Cross my heart. It's no big deal. Really, I understand the cornucopia of reasons not to plus attention spans tend to run wild on the Internet. I'm the first to admit to an occasional melt down when sites unexpectedly time out, partly because my computer runs on snails. Hey, lay off my ancient computer and those snails. They're diligently working to keep my computer alive. Back to the song I am about post; The last time I listened to Kings of Leon I was miserably beginning my sophomore year of College. The vocals on Youth & Young Manhood made me feel weirdly uncomfortable (I mean c'mon it was hard for me to decipher whether this shit was awesome or totally off the wagon of cheese) but the music jangled on making the songs more than listenable. Three years + pass & nothing really stuck. As always I just couldn't keep with the whirlwind of everything else being put out. As I sat in my car last night data entering work (my job actually gave my clumsy ass a laptop!?!?) and this gem of a song playd on 88.5. I'm glad I still listen to radio for these reasons! It was one of those moments when you stop working, gaze up and realize what is this? And why is my stomach toiling with absolute delighted excitement? First off, I hope these excited nipple-ly moments happen to everyone when their ears are over-powered by the goodness of sound. It was then that I realized a band I had not bothered to check up on had come out with something new
& judging by this song pretty fantastical.

Enjoy Kings of Leon -On Call. I don't mean to over use the term sexy but the bass line couldn't be more so.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Weekend Thoughts

I have this supremely unavoidable trait of losing things. This has reoccurred through out my entire life. I know that I have to worry about losing goods (wallets specifically) whenever I go out to bars or parties. This drives me fucking nuts EVERY TIME for my wallet disappears quite often. This familiar fear is something I grab onto like a can of cola every time I head out the door. No possible preparation could avoid this. Believe me when I say that I've tried everything. B-b-Sarah didn't your Mother teach you the old stuffing your cash into your socks trick??? This is crazy and a terrible way to conduct going out. Several obvious problems pose with this 1. Forget about wearing heals or sandals!?!!? All you men could give a damn but in the summer time us ladies shall heavily dispute. I refuse to let my personal retardations dictate my choice of wardrobe 2. People get sincerely angry when you hand them hot, smelly cash drenched in the ripest of foot odors. I really don't have smelly feet but cash rubbing up against them for a few hours? I guarantee that they won't smell like soap either!?! Nothing good can come that. Also expect absolute disdain courtesy of your bartender and all your surrounding friends when you fork over these awfully pungent bills('Cause nobody like your stank ass). 3. Walking around with shit poking at your toes is far from comfortable. The magnitude of this shall cause nothing but anger for no real good reason. Furthering this I will then be savagely fixated on the fact that their is a hunk of paper irrating my foot. Nobody wants to witness a mid conversation lash-out over the junk in my shoe. Anyway, enough of this crazy talk. In conclusion to this endless supply of junk I've been pumping out onto this site, I've happily accepted this extremely irrating quality within myself.

Tomorrow I'll post something with links. This post was something to get the ball rolling.


Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Cornucopia of Junk

I've been unwaveringly critical about what gets posted on here lately. I had a gigantic post ready & up but took it down due to last minute editing. Who would think that being extra critical could cause such shotty posts. I'd also like to tighten up the content on here. Ideas? Anyone? To help jump start a cornucopia of ideas stare in the depths of my very own toilet shining in all of its glory (yuuuck) courtesy of my cannon cam, cam.

I'm sorry. That was just mean and gross.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Ode to missing my beloved tv show...

Sadly, I will be missing The Office season finale tomorrow! OH NO THE SHOCK! Long Story. I'll let this one burn slowly.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Hamm Radio

As I shuffled my way through traffic I managed to catch this on my way to work. It cheered me up as I sat hot, defenseless, & bored in I-95 traffic. Particularly, when Albert Hammond Jr. explains his childhood (burning things, Switzerland). During the interview I noticed that he's an extremely slow talker. His is almost to the point of hypnosis. Slow talking on the radio is the last thing people need to hear and have patience for especially when you're barrel assing 70mph down the highway (when traffic lets up of course). For some reason I found it rather endearing instead of inconvenient. Probably, because he's downright interesting & has every reason to be basking in stories including The Strokes or what about Fabrizio "the hot one" Moretti's romance with Drew Barrymore? No, he's just shooting the breeze about how having a famous musician in the family was no big deal. Albeit he may just bereally bored with fame which explains his painstakingly slow voice. Either it's okay with me Hammie your methodical tone is unintentional comedy in the sweetest manner possible. I was delighted to hear this while I rushed to work, it reminded of how inspired people can be and at the same time not be bursting their blood vessels to do something worth doing.

On second thought Albert Hammond jr., probably at one point or another in fit of uncontrolled rage threw his fists through a wall or plate of glass (possibly a shower door)while recording his latest album. He of course will have no recollection of this zombiefyed stouper. It's just he talks so effortlessly keewl.

Buy Yours To Keep here.

PS- Albert Hammond jr. may or may not be going on tour with Incubus this summer?! I'm not exactly sure how to react to this.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Q & A

Numerous times I've griped about this in previous entries and I always come to the grand conclusion that it doesn't matter. It really shouldn't & I promise to let it go soon enough. It's just every now and then I get self-conscious about whether or not I should be posting with the little to no readers. NOTE: Those who do comment/read or even just read and don't comment are more than appreciated and I can't thank enough. Also, when I spread thehot poopto all of my friends I was surprised at how many friends reject blogs. Which to me is sort of funny, because the same friends who say, "blogs are lame" pretty much use and spend the time to be on myspace. Which is okay, but kind of confusing. I find sites like this much more interesting because they are about something slightly more specific. Still pondering this I decided to take it to the streets (by streets I mean discussion groups on blogspot) to bury it for once and for all. And I was surprised to get answered so quickly. Now, I understand that the content & creativity shouldn't parallel itself with the amount of readers. You can't manufacture blog popularity which isn't really why I ask or what I care about. Again,I tamper obessessively about these types of things. I've just been curious.

What can I say, can't I be curious??

Q&Aposted late last night.

Also Thank You, to those who responded on the discussion board. Your feedback was highly appreciated and helpful. I'll be sure to check out your blogs as well.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Midnight Dotage

I've been running around the beautiful streets of PA (Delaware & Chester County to be precise)with the purpose of putting up product ads that serve me utterly no entertainment value. I'm also convinced that 95% of people do not see these ads which makes the work an entirely useless hustle. Maybe people subconsciously shut them out while walking down super-market isles. Which I'm more than okay with 'cuz who gives a damn about snappy adult diapers!?! I sure as fuck don't &NEITHER SHOULD YOU!. I'm not complaining, I'm just jazzed to be mobile on the clock. I must point out in advance that the content you're reading may be a little helter-skelter. Regardless, I'm making up for my two week vaca. Although, I've been writing up a storm these past couple of days and then abruptly throwing every entry into the draft natatorium. Self-Consciousness is a form of writer's block that I'm all to familiar with. Well, tonight I'm just going to let it rip, folks. Lettin' it rip like farting dotards. We just don't have time to be hung up on these matters.

It's pushing 3AM and I must sleep (despite what the clock tells you on this thing). There will be more in due time. But I'm going to close with a commercial that aired in the summer of 2003. A commercial that I looked for day & night on Google and Youtube in the previous weeks since it had fallen off regular TV rotation. After giving up long ago, tonight's unexpected restlessness gave me the courage to try Youtube once again despite its previous failures. Not tonight, Youtube gently spoke softly into my eardrums with this 15 second GEM!!!!! It's Willie!!!!

If that is not enough? And understandably so get involved in other commercial news and see what the Slow Party is up to. Or watch this.

And if that does not suffice, well jeez I just don't know.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Push It Slowsky!

All day my level of focus has been wavering undecidedly to the point of utter mental exhaustion. Of course, this drives any sane human-being batshit. Although, I can't seem to get anything done the above commercial makes me poop my pants out of awe & laughter.

I was happy to find more than one. Here's a rather lengthy 3 minute one. My second favorite to the push it, would definitely be this! There was probably an easier way to post that. My bad folks.

Predictably, a Salt-N-Pepa song must be posted.

Twist & Shout ...Salt-N-Pepa
Buy it

Also, this has been re posted on several different blogs in the span of one day but I don't care this is arguably the cutest kitten I've ever seen! Thanks TAN & 2GAAG!

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Weather that did not let us down!

Photo taken in Philadelphia on Saturday. Ah, spring.

There's more!!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

New England Clam Chowder Spongebath

I just got home from a very "weird" situation. Weird doesn't even cut it. Note: This is a over-zealously lengthy story. Though, I must recount and make sense of what has happened here.

Prologue: Phone rings. Friend in urgent need. Tells me to come over. I do so.

Prior to coming over to this "urgency". My friend on the phone with me, immediately bursts into a fit of tears. "Wait, wait, what's going on buddy?" I say, in my usual naively enthusiastic tone of voice. The kind of tone you take when you think somebody is as at the end of their rope and you somehow don't want to make matters worse. So you keep it positive. Side note, this tactic doesn't always work. With Boyfriends especially. I have been yelled at profusely for doing such "patronizing" acts. Whatever, they were utter control freaks. JUST KIDDING. No, seriously your friends usually will not give you a lump of shit if you act this way when they're sad. They may yell at you for second and say "get fucking real" but they won't scream at you for trying to help (some do but still). All the while I'm thinking something monumentally tragic has gone on. She groans "I didn't get the job I wanted." I had no idea of this job. I was kind of relieved at this because nobody was hurt. Despite, it I come over to offer support. Her apartment was a tad confusing to find, I practically got lost (She just moved there & I've only been there once before this) but I make record time. Upon arrival I phone her again to ask where to park. She sighs, I have a date. Come the fuck on. You don't double book a friend. Not to mention she lives with her BOYFRIEND. Maniac. Her boyfriend who I am not particularly fond of for good reason is out for the night and has no idea of this. But this is wrong on so many levels. Except I've driven 25 minutes to see my damned friend who invited me. I'm going inside date or no date. She nonchalantly explains that she met her "date" off of the Internet on (I have an idea but I DON'T EVEN WANT TO KNOW WHAT SITE THIS IS!?). He's also in his mid 40's. And could be her father (young one at that). I'm thoroughly confused and annoyed by this. So much so that I break into a fit of laughter. I stay even though she is nearly 26 years old living with her boyfriend. This of the age where you know better, and shouldn't be succumbing to such juvenile urges when angry at boyfriends. However, I do not want my friend alone with this man. Her phone rings and she starts to explain to another clueless friend how she is angry that her boyfriend didn't come home to console her about the job she didn't get, and that she will fuck this guys brains out. She's pacing rapidly about the room. Repeatedly she is screaming into the phone "I DON'T KNOW, I DON'T KNOW. I'LL FUCK HIM. I'LL FUCK HIM!!" Now, It is paramount that I allow none of this to go down. Mainly, because I know that she truly doesn't mean this. And this is nothing more than an act of sheer desperation. I'm not judging, or talking shit on my friend. She is a joy to be around mostly all of the time. And I know she would laugh reading this (I'll probably send it to her later). I would never post this otherwise. All this madness aside she is one of the few friends that can whole-heartedly laugh about this kind of shit the next morning. Back to the story concerning my friend who with the anger-bangiest (I shuddered typing that)of intentions is about to make a gigantic mistake. The "date" calls again to firm up plans, and is informed that a friend (myself) is over. The "date" is now adamant in coming over. Why? The fact that I am still here is an anomaly. He pulls into the parking lot we are watching him from the window. Keep in mind the suspense! She has only seen one photograph (distantly shot of him sitting on a motorcycle wearing shades), and he has never seen a photo of her (that I know). He steps out of his posh car that reeks of golf-buddy air and I see his grey, bald shining head in the light of this parking lot. I'm already furious by this interaction?!?!?! You've got to be kidding me. He is well aware that he is traipsing into boyfriend territory. SHE IS AWARE OF THIS!? I'm not sure who I am more annoyed at the fact that a fully adult person has invited him or that he is ignoring these boundaries. I can't hold back. I'm so entirely rude to this man. Or so it feels because I'm making no effort to know him better. I'm idling during their entire 40 minute interaction (holding back my laughter which hits its peek when she politely asked him he if likes Ryan Adams and he responds who? Bryan Adams). which if you ask me is entirely too, too long to be chatting. My friend is obviously grossed out but I feel no sympathy for her. For she has gotten herself into this drunken quagmire and failed to inform me of it prior to our engagement. The room is filled with intense awkwardness. It's obvious no sexxing will occur not under my watch. I will not allow that. I forced myself to come up with an impromptu but believable reason for us to leave. It didn't take much coercing for him to go. It was hard not to yell at this man as he was tuning her boyfriends guitars and waxing intellectual about art & Florence, Italy. To put it nicely he was a tool shed. Anyway, this pretentious fart left and we stayed talking about the neurosis of relationships until her boyfriend showed up. I politely left, so they could be alone. I think she'll be okay. People have got to stop doing this to themselves!? Jobs will come! Thankfully, she realizes that she is all talk and was being ridiculous. And as far as the dates perspective: what was he thinking? I can schmooze my way into a young ladies pants half my age knowingly that she is living with her boyfriend?! In their apartment no less. Whack.

Friends. There's no stopping them sometimes.

My apology this was a chancy and irritating read. I assure you that the feeling was no different than writing it. I couldn't escape it. I shouldn't ever be allowed to write another entry. I'll make it up to you with not 1 song but two songs. So we're really even.

This song is dedicated particularly to my friend (in need of some serious relationship recovery). It is also one of the greats, I urge you to download this. Even if you never download from this site or if it is your last of downloads!
Strung Out- William Bell duet Mavis Staples

I can't seem to locate his actual site at the moment but Get a mildly cheap copy here.

And well that guy was plain a simple a sicko. Too easy. HIGH FIVE!! OH!!! These guys put out an EP 2 months ago. I just picked up my copy and upon this release I was happy to find a new version of sickos slightly different from last years demo. I enjoy this version to the max!

Sickos -The Harlem Shakes
Take a gander.

EDIT* the badongo site can be finicky. Wait 15 seconds and it will work. Oh for some reason the open option doesn't always work. So save it instead.

PS- This is completely off topic and well fits no where else but could somebody for the love of thonged Jerusalem cruisers buy me these! please?

Friday, April 06, 2007

Those look like lady pants

I was excited to see The Office return from its 5 week vacation. The episodes have been getting so much better. There have been some crazed, uninhibited making out in the office in the best way possible. BUT, all social hullabaloo aside I'm losing faith with something here. Although, Jim/Pam owe it to themselves to be happy. I hate to say this I'm bored with Jim & Pam. I found an interesting Jenna Fischer article here concerning the fate of the two. It's 3 pages. I understand this gets timing consuming. So I cut to page two and if you scroll down to paragraph 6 you'll see the precise paragraph referencing the two. Anyway, I question whether or not the show has blown its fuse with that part of the story. I'm bitter, what can I say? I think it's getting further, and further away from its destiny. This could be a good thing? I like where Jan/Michael are taking it. Jan and her ever increasingly obvious sex addiction probably makes her one of the most surprising and funny cast members. So kudos to that.

Moving on. Above is a picture of Adam Horovitz (aka King ADRock, Beastie Boys) on the cover of Spin. Every time I glance at this picture I fall in love. And speaking of love his long-time relationship with Kathleen Hanna (Bikini Kill, Julie Ruin, LeTigre) has now been made official. They tied the knot over the summer of 2006! I am completely blown away that I didn't find out sooner. Had I not been living underneath a boulder. Or eating three meals a day in a cave -I would have noticed that two of my favorite artists (growing up) were making things right. I also think it's crazy that Adrock was previously married to this dame. Where the fuck was I?!?! I had known about Kathleen Hanna for the good part of the decade but the Say Anything priestess!?!

Oh, well.

Who gives a shit these days?

Monday, April 02, 2007

We Weren't Meant to be Angels

This kind of weather makes me feel medicated. Medicated with happiness that is. I can't quite explain it but winter makes me feel like I'm in a coma for a few months. And so when that first set of warm days above 70 whip along, I feel drunk on the spring air.

I had a fuck of time uploading this 12 minute gem. So be kind and listen to it for it is one of the greatest songs of all time, no lie. So get reacquainted, and let it do all the talkin'!
Irma Thomas -Coming From Behind(Monologue)/Wish Someone Would Care
Check it out!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Dry The Rain

Admittedly, my abominable mood hasn't left. But this picture makes up for it a little?

It's All Over Now, Computer Blue

I'm taking a break from working on illustrator tonight. Sometimes, when I've been working too long, I lose total patience. I'm in a wretched mood. Writing, has always been something that calms these kinds of blues. I have no one else to talk to in the late hours of the night. And damnit, I need to vent. I'm under the gun to get t-shirt designs sent into different companies, so they be can judged and hopefully printed. I put this awful amount of pressure on myself for god knows whatever reason. And it sucks. I hate the way it makes me feel. It spews all of the fun out of what I do. I have to take a break or I'll happily punt my computer out of my window. I'm so miserable, and I wish I could give people an honest reason as to why. Which makes things all the more worse. I'm sure a million people can relate to feeling this kind of depression. And I'm sure tomorrow when I wake up I'll feel back to normal and slightly horrified at how negative this blog will wind up coming off. Despite that, I don't care because right now I feel unhinged with sadness. Today I gave my friend some money and took her out to get something that she desperately needed. And she told me to do something selfish for once because I'm so damn nice all of the time and she thinks I get fucked over repeatedly because of it. While, that was totally sweet of her to say. I don't mind being the way I am, it is no disguise for martyerdom. And while she thinks I get the short end of the stick most days. I actually don't feel that way. I will say that part of who I am is keeping in emotions for the sake of making others around me feel more comfortable. Which is a total unrealistic and totally crazy way to conduct my life 100% of the time. A lot of the time it is for the greater good of situations. But today I will let it hang out ugly, and bitchy. For It is making me clinically nuts to hold back. Maybe I'm just raging that I can't get my work done?

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Ode to everyone listening...

It has dawned on me that less people have been reading lately or at all. I DON'T BLAME YOU. For there are more important things to read about. Although, I've been spreading the hot poop (slang for information) like jam. My gift in return for doing so? Some tenaciously stinky fingers. Oh, and an ego sitting in the back seat. In the midst of knowing how small my audience has shrunk, I've realized something. I cannot stop writing, no matter what. That's the wonderful invention about these blogs. Which reminds me of my livejournal account* that I never told anyone about or the stacks of written journals I had carried loyally everywhere. Obviously, I wasn't concerned about how many people read them or an audience at all. In fact, if you picked up one of my written journals, I'd promptly smack it onto the floor. For good reason, and I have done that. To endure in great detail my at the time unrequited love interests and also how insanely, insanely horney (yet alone I might add) I was for most of College would be disastrous. Mainly because they were intended for private use and if read by a second party would be an ultimate en route to embaressment. It's license for friends to verbally knock the wind out of your already delaptated sails and lovingly so. No normal person would volunteer for that SHIT!?!!? Anyway, personal expression shouldn't be about audience whatsoever. Vitally, it is a creative outlet and a form of self documentation. These are valid reasons to keep people scribbling despite my previous groan about all of this.

I know I talk a lot of shit, and that I use this device as a harem for all that is unimportant/useless knowledge. The truth is I never expected anyone to take any form of interest in my writing. When I found out that people subsribed to my blog, and also commented (including my mypsace blog that has since banished into oblivion). I was floored, and utterly surprised. It was never about how many people I could get to read, and yet people read. There is nothing more true than these elements tremendously helped and inspired me to write more. And for that I say, THANK YOU. You have know idea how much I've appreciated this. I couldn't drop this self indulgent whine fest concerning my gaybo** writing without giving credit to those who do read daily/sometimes/or at all because it was honestly long over due. PRAISE!!!

Now, that I've unleashed that laundry-sized satchel of emotional bananas on to your unwilling hearts I'll muster up a transition. Processing... processing....

Currently, I'm reading Oh The Glory It All. Which is a book that caught my eye about a year ago. Excitedly, I snatched this hardback for $5.98 fresh from the bargains table at Barnes & Nobles. My interest in memoirs containing this particular subject matter are an anomaly to me. It is written from the perspective of a son who grows up with an over the top wealthy mother and father in SF, California. They predictably exhibit mondo douche baggy behavior toward each other which in turn shreds the family to pieces.

Good night!

*live journal is for fucking nerds

**a vocabulary word stolen from Cotton.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Mental Ruts Need Pushing...

Yikes, I've been cleaning all day. SPRING CLEANING that is. I almost got a nose bleed from scrubbing the shower AND It took the rest of the day to get that smell off my palms. Try eating chinese food with that stink on your hands?!? GAAAAHHH! I went totally Danny Tanner on everyone today (with my cleaning), and I'm not even sure why? I think it's best to make over your surroundings in the summer. It probably has something to do with my inability to control my current state of fear that I will fail & forever be unemployed! More importantly the thought of giving up the will to do something creative with my life. Or maybe it was that my computer today has become about as useful to me as black leather pants in the desert (or at all). I'm fed up with the job search, I've been making lists to center some form of rational form of focus. Which helps. I guess. Whatever, probably not.

This blog is not meant to center around my job negativity. Please, please forgive me for its comes off that way. In fact, I'm writing out of inspiration and not defeat. And I need to give my self some rest. My biggest question of the moment is how does one truely become focused when we're distracted with so many seemingly useful inventions?

Oh, and BTW reading famous people's achievements before they even reach 23 is a definite mistake before you decide to breeze through the classifieds on a Sunday.

Here's a liste of links to since sometimes to get us through the days (I know I do)we need these types of distraction...

- I've been researching the movie Teen Wolf for a t-shirt design and I've stumbled upon some pretty crazy stuff one of which by an artist named Heiko Muller and the other a K-9 that haunts my dreams.

- Disclaimer: This link contains frontal nudity, HEY I warned you!!! It actually the least interesting portion. Anyway, "The Naked Guy" from the movie PCU is actually based on a real person named
Andrew Martinez. Weird? And yet a captivating read.

- She throws up on stage (So I've read)and has battled some depression. Snarky like the rest of them in her genre Amy Winehouse has some pipes! Although, I'm whole heartedly sure how I feel about her. To be honest my expectations were very, very low. For one reason or another she was a tad off putting in a way that annoyed me. When I finally listened. I was expecting shit on stick but I got a chocolate covered banana!

-Check out Heiko Muller page!

-Although, I haven't committed myself to finishing this it made me chuckle.

Good Night Everyone!

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Meshugga Computer Problems

My computer was on the fritz for sometime now. It went kapoot! Luckily, I've retrieved all of my files, but I have to put all of my programs back on. And my ipod will be wiped out again. Oh, It is good to be baaaack. By now it's 3am and I just got back from watching an awful, awful movie that I had compared to the movie Kids. To my surprise this film was directed by the same person as KIDS, and Wassup Rockers. Did I mention that I strongly dislike these kinds of movies?!?!? They simply aren't thought provoking but more of an opportunity to see in close detail teenagers in taboo action. You'll notice these movies and their bizarre penchant toward showing mildly pornographic situations that are supposed to make us feel like this is fucking life. And it's dirrrty and raw. I smell turds. Do you?? Ah, call me a panjandrum because I'll never get the importance of these cinematic disasters. And no, It's not because I think sex is dirty, or that I can't handle watching a mother get head from a teenage boy. It's just insulting to my tastes! And I imagine to many others. Did I mention it is also uninteresting to endure for an hour and half.

Moving on, I just finished reading Alternadad! Aside from its title I thoroughly enjoyed its sentiment toward parenting. Not that I'm looking into parenting, it's just a neat perspective on something that I'd most likely be terrible at. I recommend it if you're willing to put up with a 35 year-old hipster reflecting on the joys of fatherhood. To hear a man regale continuous about his sons uninhibited ability to cut loose and air guitar was an honest February delight. Don't ask why these things appeal to me!?!?!? I JUST DON'T KNOW!?!?!? It's winter time, it's cold, I stay inside, there's probably less oxygen getting to my brain. These things just make sense to me.

BTW, the picture above made me shriek with laughter. Move it and lose it.

Thursday, February 15, 2007


I took myself out for a drive yesterday and totally got stuck in the middle of the road. After giving up these nice teenagers helped me out by giving me a push out of the snow dune that I found myself helplessly stuck in. IT WAS AWESOME. Other than that I'm seriously impressed by the fact that my new car drives like champion in the snow. I'm definitely not a car person, but I've never had that advantage before. And up until a day ago I felt bizarrely guilty for making such a purchase. I'm over it now, because I will treat this car like royalty until its wheels fall off and I'll keep it until I'm roughly 43 years old. I'm looking for all kinds of excuses to take it places.

I also went to the city yesterday and took the train instead of driving due to all of the frosty carnage splattered upon the roads. People we're carrying roses, and a girl on the train had a Valentines Day balloon attached to her wrist and a whole bunch of candy and roses in her palms. It was kind of sweet even though I don't care for the holiday. To say the least Philadelphia was oozing with slushy love on every corner. I had a lot of fun.

Anyway, for anyone wondering about my trip. I was supposed to go to Charleston a week ago. That date is now being pushed back for several reasons.One is the weather, and the other is the gigantic purchase of a car I probably don't deserve which happened on the day I was supposed to leave. Plus funds are low. What can I say, I will wait until the weather is nicer. Although, at least I'm not living in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.

Sunday, February 11, 2007


I've been one busy bee lately. I've had almost 3 posts, but I kept putting them aside as drafts, none of which will ever unearth themselves. Why? Probably because upon reread they struck me as purportless. So, here's something fresh. I've been semi-working hard on the layout for AWSNAPSKIS. It is a demo of some things to come.

I'm not sure if this will post correctly!?!?
Raging Eyes -Nick Lowe

I'm trying guys. Plus this song was stuck in my head all day on the train.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Making Friends?

I was touched to find this when I googled the phrase "making friends". No, no seriously are you not?

A couple of things to mention.

1- I'm convinced that this blog is a total waste of my time. Let's face it, I had my fame on Myspace. I am now a hasbeen on this site. However, this does not mean I find other peoples blogs a total waste of time to read (with the exception of many).

2- The process of buying a car sucks. I say to myself do I even want to do this? If so I've also opted to upgrade myself with a nicer car (If I attempt to buy one in tiny increments that is). My logic behind this is so that it won't break down or be a waste of my money when in a few years. That being said, do I really care about this shit. When I was 20 none of this mattered. I adored my tattered shitty ride that people referred to as the white stallion. FUCK CARS.

3- I'm probably going to stop writing on here, and focus on another creative outlet. Which probably means I'll just write sometimes.

4- If people are severely bored. I recommend picking up a book. I am just about to finish Chuck Klosterman's latest book that I put off reading since August. It is a lot like SD&CP due to its content. I've also just received my new book in the mail Love is a Mix Tape. Which may or may not be good. Eitherway it is an extremely emo sounding title.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Tuesday, January 09, 2007


I probably spend an hour staring at this pretty much everyday.

Monday, January 08, 2007

Late Nights, tardo moments, & inconvenience

In lieu of my atrocious mood yesterday my friend demanded that I come to the city. Also that she would pick me up with a garuntee of fun.

Expectedly I say no to this. I'm convinced that drag assing around the city with a group of her friends that for some reason I never quite clicked with is probably the last thing I'd like to do, It's probably my least favorite kind of hanging out. Mainly, I loath driving to the city. I predictably lose items (wallets, keys, pretty much anything important)at the most inopportune moments. The arbitrary parking laws give me tickets, or get me towed. I decided to let her pick me anyway since she was seeing family in Media. I figured it might cheer me up.

She had convinced me to go to destroy your liver night which is an open bar night at the Khyber. The title alone sounds like an awful idea (and I would most likely say no to occasion on pretty much any night of the week) but I kept an open mind. She was nice enough to cheer me up and was willing to drive and I know she thinks I hate having fun. But here's the thing these bars or places like this were never my thing. I can't say that I've ever been into this. Predictably, the bar was packed with sweaty hipsters, and ear shredding (shitty)music, like I had expected. No surprises. I think half the crowd was underage too which annoyed me because there was a disgusting amount of drinking going on.

However, It had been a long time since I had a fun night of drinking and I decided to ignore all of my normal hang ups about these kinds of places. And to my surprise I had met too very wonderful accaintances that lived in Virginia. I convinced them to dance on the slipperly floors and everyone eventually joined. Air kicks insued, and I kept saying to the Virginians "I don't know about this" and with the shrug of a shoulder they said "neither do I". This was then followed up by an unspoken look of "but fuck it anyway". Which made this a fun night. I'm normally a reserved/inhibited individual and as everyone knows I am not some dance party connoisseur who makes a living of this. I'd much rather prefer a quieter bar, with great friends. But every now and then a sudden overwhelming shard of confidence comes over me. With no hesitation I start dancing, or impulsively talking. I believe it is when I feel retardedly anxious or bored (Alcohol is not to blame). It's a nervous tick if anything. People bite their finger nails I just get overwhelmingly enthusiastic. Plus, I figured it is better to join everyone else's good time rather than standing still against the wall looking pissed off (I've also done that many of times but why go?).

Thankfully, I didn't get too drunk. Although some people threw up in the street and again in the sink when we went back home. I was glad to help, and happy that I stuck to beer. I did however wake up with this unspeakable, shooting pain in my upper spine and lower arm. At first I thought it was the rock hard futon I slept on but shortly following this memories of the mondo spill that had occured on the dance floor had appeared. Effortlessly i managed to pull this suave move off with no warning. When you're drinking no amount of talking can convince other people that you're not sloppy fall down drunk. Due to this tardo moment, in a tardo place not a word of explanation comes out even though it was highly noticable. We left shortly after, anyway. I will confidently say I am one clumsy sasquatch in motion anytime of day (booze, no booze)and if you've ever hung out with me, you know this.

Back to driving in the city and how a person without a car should be free of any traffic violations?? This is completly false once you get into your another vehicle. While running some errands for my friend, in her car while she primped for some dreamboat to show up. A rather snarky cop gave me a $116 ticket for not yielding to the right of way at an intersection. Even though opposing traffic had blinked their high beams for me to go in front of them and stood still. Naturally, a vehicle should never stop in the middle of the intersection if its obvious the cars are staying put. To top that off, I lost the keys before she drove me to the train station. We found them. THANK GOD.

So much for savings and I declare that I will not be driving to the city of Philadelphia for all of 2007.

Sunday, January 07, 2007


alright, I meant to draw lions but I could only find a book on bears at the bookstore. Talk about some shit. I'm feeling a tad down today. I think it's the shitty ass winter. I left the bookstore forgetting what time it was. As I realized this I came up with a short list. It pertains to my long visit and the feeling that a person stayed too too long in a Barnes & Noble (GASP!)don't worry I buy almost everything off of Amazon's new, used section..

1. People will use the bathroom more than once (my case twice).

2. The weather has changed significantly upon departure. It may be raining heavily, or much colder than you remember.

3. The people on their shift have left and gone long ago.

4. You've managed to memorize the photography and artbook section. There is no further need to browse because it's mentally stored.

5. You've read all the music magazine of the month/season.

6. When ordering your usual cafe drink a slight disorienting sensation may occur. This involves forgetting the name of your drink or bumping into shelves by the condiment bar. Usually this is caused by weirdlighting. And momentarily this will not seem odd or embarrassing.

7. You're convinced that everyone in the store has seen you do a lap at least 5 times.

8. You have not a clue as to where you parked.

ah sheebaa, shabby it's time for me to stew in my personal aggravated state. I just can't help that cold weather, and boredom cause this. BAH, whatev.

People will eventually love me again when I am awesome.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

They've got fakinsons

yuck, my throat feels about as nasty as a swarm of fire ants feasting on a mound of crickets. I just watched a special on swarms, and fire ants reportedly kill 80 people a year. These over zealous nudges bite and inject a toxic alkaloid venom into people's skin which causes a "burning" or fire sensation. The bites marks look AWFUL. I've never quite felt this before... but I suddenly have the urge to step on an ant mound.

Is it obvious that I spent my night in watching TV?

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Can you believe the things that you tell yourself?

I sure can. For instance, when I tell myself Diet Pepsi is probably the last thing I should be drinking at 1am. I sure as fuck believe that. Ah, it's a new year and I can shrug it off by blurting out loud (at the computer); WHY NOT FOR FUCK SAKE!?

Originally I had an entirely different post. In fact it's cooling its jets in the draft natatorium as we speak (the we speaking meaning myself talking to the monitior or whoever the hell is reading this). It was rather melancoly and I decided to change my tune real quick once I realized that while constructing a mini melt down on screen is at best an intriguing read but is anything but for me a day or two later when I reread it. In fact, that kind of stuff embaresses the fuck out of me for whatever reason.

Maybe it was those damned Cat Power articles I've been reading on Chan Marshalls alleviation from touring/drinking/cocaine that of course directly lead to her early 2006 fit of suicidal depression (check out venusmag, magnet etc.) that made me want to talk about my gripes. I'll save the gripes for another day. Normally these kind of articles have no direct affect on my life. I may read an article on a famous person and could give a crap because while they are suffering so are a million others including people I know. More importantly the article made me feel better about feeling down in the past. Does that make sense? I guess there's something comforting when you hear about a person putting there cell-phone on silent for an entire year.

Moving away from Cat Power and onto my hostility toword NASCAR advertisements. I just saw an article for Tony Stewart anda picture of him next to his car (when I went to check my yahoo mail account). What is the deal with NASCAR drivers posing in front of their cars and always having this seriousely aggravated look of constipation spread upon their faces. What're they concentrating so hard on? It's not like they're lifting weights and it hurts to smile. I could understand this stance if they decided to tie their nards to the tires of their cars and race down the track with the will of their running feet. Talk about crotch rash. Anyway these sort of poses pretty much ruin any capability of looking anywhere near cool. And yes I wrote cool. Other than this actively annoying me at the moment it's pretty much all of the steam I have left for that train of thought.

BTW NASCAR suuuuucks.

PS- it going on 2:06am my timer on this thing says 12:55am.