Tuesday, December 04, 2007


... a tree fell on our house and busted a hole in our laundry room ceiling. This is true. THIS REALLY HAPPENED. If my Canon weren't busted I'd be posting the photos. If I stuck my hand out of my bedroom window I could break off a twig. FANTASTIC!!! Luckily no one was harmed. None of us were here to witness the spectacle. I tend to hang out in the laundry room a lot more than I'd like to admit. Though this makes me happy, the tenacious tree trunk hanging lifelessly over our kitchen roof does not. Also, the 25 mile winds blowing against its lifeless limbs make me all the more uneasy. The winds tonight have been relentless. I'm positive they're to thank for this warming gift. I better not get crushed while eating my cereal tomorrow morning. When I was greeted with this, I decided to take a drive to the special place I go to at such shiftless times --It isn't really special-- I just wind up there a lot. As I drove to the book store in Delaware the sky started to flurry side ways (again, with the wind). While I enjoy hot weather mostly, there's something completely relaxing about the first snow fall (there was a dusting Sunday morning too). It makes me realize how much I actually don't mind the cold weather even though I really hate it most of the time. I'm also handling the weather much more gracefully this year.

Maybe I'm developing early menopause?


Robin said...

I think you're not going through menopause. I think I don't really like the cold, unless there's someone to warm you up. I just overload myself with layers and scarves and hats and gloves, until just my eyes and nose are exposed. I tend to walk really fast then, and end up sweating by the time I get to work. Did you need all this info? No.
I'm glad you didn't get hurt!

Dig said...

Ouch for the house, good thing no one got hurt. Snow is the best part of cold weather.

sarah said...

It is a good thing I didn't get crushed and that the house is only slightly bruised. In daylight you can see that it took the top second floor corner off a smidge. No biggie.

Also, I HATE COLD!!!!

Cotton said...

Is this Havertown or your parents' place?

and for what it's worth, I really miss snow. It was 75 when I woke up and I put a scarf on just because I'm still thinking I need one.

why the hell did I bring a scarf with me, anyway?

sarah said...

My place in Havertown!! The confusion/terror it would have caused my parents would be legendary.

Also, you could rock a scarf in California?!?! C'mon you could start a trend!!!