Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Meshugga Computer Problems

My computer was on the fritz for sometime now. It went kapoot! Luckily, I've retrieved all of my files, but I have to put all of my programs back on. And my ipod will be wiped out again. Oh, It is good to be baaaack. By now it's 3am and I just got back from watching an awful, awful movie that I had compared to the movie Kids. To my surprise this film was directed by the same person as KIDS, and Wassup Rockers. Did I mention that I strongly dislike these kinds of movies?!?!? They simply aren't thought provoking but more of an opportunity to see in close detail teenagers in taboo action. You'll notice these movies and their bizarre penchant toward showing mildly pornographic situations that are supposed to make us feel like this is fucking life. And it's dirrrty and raw. I smell turds. Do you?? Ah, call me a panjandrum because I'll never get the importance of these cinematic disasters. And no, It's not because I think sex is dirty, or that I can't handle watching a mother get head from a teenage boy. It's just insulting to my tastes! And I imagine to many others. Did I mention it is also uninteresting to endure for an hour and half.

Moving on, I just finished reading Alternadad! Aside from its title I thoroughly enjoyed its sentiment toward parenting. Not that I'm looking into parenting, it's just a neat perspective on something that I'd most likely be terrible at. I recommend it if you're willing to put up with a 35 year-old hipster reflecting on the joys of fatherhood. To hear a man regale continuous about his sons uninhibited ability to cut loose and air guitar was an honest February delight. Don't ask why these things appeal to me!?!?!? I JUST DON'T KNOW!?!?!? It's winter time, it's cold, I stay inside, there's probably less oxygen getting to my brain. These things just make sense to me.

BTW, the picture above made me shriek with laughter. Move it and lose it.

Thursday, February 15, 2007


I took myself out for a drive yesterday and totally got stuck in the middle of the road. After giving up these nice teenagers helped me out by giving me a push out of the snow dune that I found myself helplessly stuck in. IT WAS AWESOME. Other than that I'm seriously impressed by the fact that my new car drives like champion in the snow. I'm definitely not a car person, but I've never had that advantage before. And up until a day ago I felt bizarrely guilty for making such a purchase. I'm over it now, because I will treat this car like royalty until its wheels fall off and I'll keep it until I'm roughly 43 years old. I'm looking for all kinds of excuses to take it places.

I also went to the city yesterday and took the train instead of driving due to all of the frosty carnage splattered upon the roads. People we're carrying roses, and a girl on the train had a Valentines Day balloon attached to her wrist and a whole bunch of candy and roses in her palms. It was kind of sweet even though I don't care for the holiday. To say the least Philadelphia was oozing with slushy love on every corner. I had a lot of fun.

Anyway, for anyone wondering about my trip. I was supposed to go to Charleston a week ago. That date is now being pushed back for several reasons.One is the weather, and the other is the gigantic purchase of a car I probably don't deserve which happened on the day I was supposed to leave. Plus funds are low. What can I say, I will wait until the weather is nicer. Although, at least I'm not living in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.

Sunday, February 11, 2007


I've been one busy bee lately. I've had almost 3 posts, but I kept putting them aside as drafts, none of which will ever unearth themselves. Why? Probably because upon reread they struck me as purportless. So, here's something fresh. I've been semi-working hard on the layout for AWSNAPSKIS. It is a demo of some things to come.

I'm not sure if this will post correctly!?!?
Raging Eyes -Nick Lowe

I'm trying guys. Plus this song was stuck in my head all day on the train.