Sunday, February 11, 2007


I've been one busy bee lately. I've had almost 3 posts, but I kept putting them aside as drafts, none of which will ever unearth themselves. Why? Probably because upon reread they struck me as purportless. So, here's something fresh. I've been semi-working hard on the layout for AWSNAPSKIS. It is a demo of some things to come.

I'm not sure if this will post correctly!?!?
Raging Eyes -Nick Lowe

I'm trying guys. Plus this song was stuck in my head all day on the train.


superqq3000 said...

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sarah said...

um, what?


Dig said...

Neat song, scary rabit car.

I don't get the snapski design.

Superqq3000 looks like an advertising bot.

Robin said...

FINALLY! I check every day, and no new post since, like, January. OK, so I LIKE purpotless posts, too! That's all mine are anyway! Where is the dagrabbit from?