Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Making Friends?

I was touched to find this when I googled the phrase "making friends". No, no seriously are you not?

A couple of things to mention.

1- I'm convinced that this blog is a total waste of my time. Let's face it, I had my fame on Myspace. I am now a hasbeen on this site. However, this does not mean I find other peoples blogs a total waste of time to read (with the exception of many).

2- The process of buying a car sucks. I say to myself do I even want to do this? If so I've also opted to upgrade myself with a nicer car (If I attempt to buy one in tiny increments that is). My logic behind this is so that it won't break down or be a waste of my money when in a few years. That being said, do I really care about this shit. When I was 20 none of this mattered. I adored my tattered shitty ride that people referred to as the white stallion. FUCK CARS.

3- I'm probably going to stop writing on here, and focus on another creative outlet. Which probably means I'll just write sometimes.

4- If people are severely bored. I recommend picking up a book. I am just about to finish Chuck Klosterman's latest book that I put off reading since August. It is a lot like SD&CP due to its content. I've also just received my new book in the mail Love is a Mix Tape. Which may or may not be good. Eitherway it is an extremely emo sounding title.


Dig said...

"Making friends" seems like a wierd thing to google, but none the less that's a cute pic.

Buying cars does in fact suck, and old shitty cars always have the most personality.

That sucks you're gonna stop writing here. I really dug your random art postings, which have also stopped.

That does sound like an emo title, but it reminded me of something I read in a book a few years ago, "Love is 90 percent scent." I forget what the other 10 percent was though.

This comment was way too long :P

sarah said...
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sarah said...

Oh, yeah I actually started to type why I googled that but later on deleted it. I felt that it was unecessary and would be odd that I was pointing that out.

Anyway, since I didn't answer the question. I was curious to see what would pop up after I had made a joke about not having friends with a friend of mine while I was chatting on the telephone! Which is untrue, obviously.

Mystery solved.

Cotton said...

wait don't stop I finally got back! That picture is the cutest thing I've ever seen. It made my dimple cry.

sarah said...


It really is you (that is not sarcasm) I, promise. Dimples shedding tears?? That just made my dimple's, dimple shed a tear.

Beat that, homey! Kidding. Your comments are severly missed.

Robin said...

Please don't anybody or anybody's dimples cry! fuck crying

sarah said...

Robin, there's no crying in baseball. And there's definitely no crying during the movie Titanic.

But a dimple or dimples, dimple?


Robin said...

Well, I DO like dimples. I hope it was a face dimple, not a butt or elbow dimple.