Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Push It Slowsky!

All day my level of focus has been wavering undecidedly to the point of utter mental exhaustion. Of course, this drives any sane human-being batshit. Although, I can't seem to get anything done the above commercial makes me poop my pants out of awe & laughter.

I was happy to find more than one. Here's a rather lengthy 3 minute one. My second favorite to the push it, would definitely be this! There was probably an easier way to post that. My bad folks.

Predictably, a Salt-N-Pepa song must be posted.

Twist & Shout ...Salt-N-Pepa
Buy it

Also, this has been re posted on several different blogs in the span of one day but I don't care this is arguably the cutest kitten I've ever seen! Thanks TAN & 2GAAG!

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Weather that did not let us down!

Photo taken in Philadelphia on Saturday. Ah, spring.

There's more!!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

New England Clam Chowder Spongebath

I just got home from a very "weird" situation. Weird doesn't even cut it. Note: This is a over-zealously lengthy story. Though, I must recount and make sense of what has happened here.

Prologue: Phone rings. Friend in urgent need. Tells me to come over. I do so.

Prior to coming over to this "urgency". My friend on the phone with me, immediately bursts into a fit of tears. "Wait, wait, what's going on buddy?" I say, in my usual naively enthusiastic tone of voice. The kind of tone you take when you think somebody is as at the end of their rope and you somehow don't want to make matters worse. So you keep it positive. Side note, this tactic doesn't always work. With Boyfriends especially. I have been yelled at profusely for doing such "patronizing" acts. Whatever, they were utter control freaks. JUST KIDDING. No, seriously your friends usually will not give you a lump of shit if you act this way when they're sad. They may yell at you for second and say "get fucking real" but they won't scream at you for trying to help (some do but still). All the while I'm thinking something monumentally tragic has gone on. She groans "I didn't get the job I wanted." I had no idea of this job. I was kind of relieved at this because nobody was hurt. Despite, it I come over to offer support. Her apartment was a tad confusing to find, I practically got lost (She just moved there & I've only been there once before this) but I make record time. Upon arrival I phone her again to ask where to park. She sighs, I have a date. Come the fuck on. You don't double book a friend. Not to mention she lives with her BOYFRIEND. Maniac. Her boyfriend who I am not particularly fond of for good reason is out for the night and has no idea of this. But this is wrong on so many levels. Except I've driven 25 minutes to see my damned friend who invited me. I'm going inside date or no date. She nonchalantly explains that she met her "date" off of the Internet on askcupid.com (I have an idea but I DON'T EVEN WANT TO KNOW WHAT SITE THIS IS!?). He's also in his mid 40's. And could be her father (young one at that). I'm thoroughly confused and annoyed by this. So much so that I break into a fit of laughter. I stay even though she is nearly 26 years old living with her boyfriend. This of the age where you know better, and shouldn't be succumbing to such juvenile urges when angry at boyfriends. However, I do not want my friend alone with this man. Her phone rings and she starts to explain to another clueless friend how she is angry that her boyfriend didn't come home to console her about the job she didn't get, and that she will fuck this guys brains out. She's pacing rapidly about the room. Repeatedly she is screaming into the phone "I DON'T KNOW, I DON'T KNOW. I'LL FUCK HIM. I'LL FUCK HIM!!" Now, It is paramount that I allow none of this to go down. Mainly, because I know that she truly doesn't mean this. And this is nothing more than an act of sheer desperation. I'm not judging, or talking shit on my friend. She is a joy to be around mostly all of the time. And I know she would laugh reading this (I'll probably send it to her later). I would never post this otherwise. All this madness aside she is one of the few friends that can whole-heartedly laugh about this kind of shit the next morning. Back to the story concerning my friend who with the anger-bangiest (I shuddered typing that)of intentions is about to make a gigantic mistake. The "date" calls again to firm up plans, and is informed that a friend (myself) is over. The "date" is now adamant in coming over. Why? The fact that I am still here is an anomaly. He pulls into the parking lot we are watching him from the window. Keep in mind the suspense! She has only seen one photograph (distantly shot of him sitting on a motorcycle wearing shades), and he has never seen a photo of her (that I know). He steps out of his posh car that reeks of golf-buddy air and I see his grey, bald shining head in the light of this parking lot. I'm already furious by this interaction?!?!?! You've got to be kidding me. He is well aware that he is traipsing into boyfriend territory. SHE IS AWARE OF THIS!? I'm not sure who I am more annoyed at the fact that a fully adult person has invited him or that he is ignoring these boundaries. I can't hold back. I'm so entirely rude to this man. Or so it feels because I'm making no effort to know him better. I'm idling during their entire 40 minute interaction (holding back my laughter which hits its peek when she politely asked him he if likes Ryan Adams and he responds who? Bryan Adams). which if you ask me is entirely too, too long to be chatting. My friend is obviously grossed out but I feel no sympathy for her. For she has gotten herself into this drunken quagmire and failed to inform me of it prior to our engagement. The room is filled with intense awkwardness. It's obvious no sexxing will occur not under my watch. I will not allow that. I forced myself to come up with an impromptu but believable reason for us to leave. It didn't take much coercing for him to go. It was hard not to yell at this man as he was tuning her boyfriends guitars and waxing intellectual about art & Florence, Italy. To put it nicely he was a tool shed. Anyway, this pretentious fart left and we stayed talking about the neurosis of relationships until her boyfriend showed up. I politely left, so they could be alone. I think she'll be okay. People have got to stop doing this to themselves!? Jobs will come! Thankfully, she realizes that she is all talk and was being ridiculous. And as far as the dates perspective: what was he thinking? I can schmooze my way into a young ladies pants half my age knowingly that she is living with her boyfriend?! In their apartment no less. Whack.

Friends. There's no stopping them sometimes.

My apology this was a chancy and irritating read. I assure you that the feeling was no different than writing it. I couldn't escape it. I shouldn't ever be allowed to write another entry. I'll make it up to you with not 1 song but two songs. So we're really even.

This song is dedicated particularly to my friend (in need of some serious relationship recovery). It is also one of the greats, I urge you to download this. Even if you never download from this site or if it is your last of downloads!
Strung Out- William Bell duet Mavis Staples

I can't seem to locate his actual site at the moment but Get a mildly cheap copy here.

And well that guy was plain a simple a sicko. Too easy. HIGH FIVE!! OH!!! These guys put out an EP 2 months ago. I just picked up my copy and upon this release I was happy to find a new version of sickos slightly different from last years demo. I enjoy this version to the max!

Sickos -The Harlem Shakes
Take a gander.

EDIT* the badongo site can be finicky. Wait 15 seconds and it will work. Oh for some reason the open option doesn't always work. So save it instead.

PS- This is completely off topic and well fits no where else but could somebody for the love of thonged Jerusalem cruisers buy me these! please?

Friday, April 06, 2007

Those look like lady pants

I was excited to see The Office return from its 5 week vacation. The episodes have been getting so much better. There have been some crazed, uninhibited making out in the office in the best way possible. BUT, all social hullabaloo aside I'm losing faith with something here. Although, Jim/Pam owe it to themselves to be happy. I hate to say this I'm bored with Jim & Pam. I found an interesting Jenna Fischer article here concerning the fate of the two. It's 3 pages. I understand this gets timing consuming. So I cut to page two and if you scroll down to paragraph 6 you'll see the precise paragraph referencing the two. Anyway, I question whether or not the show has blown its fuse with that part of the story. I'm bitter, what can I say? I think it's getting further, and further away from its destiny. This could be a good thing? I like where Jan/Michael are taking it. Jan and her ever increasingly obvious sex addiction probably makes her one of the most surprising and funny cast members. So kudos to that.

Moving on. Above is a picture of Adam Horovitz (aka King ADRock, Beastie Boys) on the cover of Spin. Every time I glance at this picture I fall in love. And speaking of love his long-time relationship with Kathleen Hanna (Bikini Kill, Julie Ruin, LeTigre) has now been made official. They tied the knot over the summer of 2006! I am completely blown away that I didn't find out sooner. Had I not been living underneath a boulder. Or eating three meals a day in a cave -I would have noticed that two of my favorite artists (growing up) were making things right. I also think it's crazy that Adrock was previously married to this dame. Where the fuck was I?!?! I had known about Kathleen Hanna for the good part of the decade but the Say Anything priestess!?!

Oh, well.

Who gives a shit these days?

Monday, April 02, 2007

We Weren't Meant to be Angels

This kind of weather makes me feel medicated. Medicated with happiness that is. I can't quite explain it but winter makes me feel like I'm in a coma for a few months. And so when that first set of warm days above 70 whip along, I feel drunk on the spring air.

I had a fuck of time uploading this 12 minute gem. So be kind and listen to it for it is one of the greatest songs of all time, no lie. So get reacquainted, and let it do all the talkin'!
Irma Thomas -Coming From Behind(Monologue)/Wish Someone Would Care
Check it out!