Thursday, October 18, 2007

The Future is Unwritten: Joe Strummer

I've tried to buy this twice ; the UK will not deliver it to me for whatever reason. It may not transfer on my DVD player. Either way, it plays in select theaters on Nov. 2nd (ALSO MY BIRTHDAY! and well The Day of the Dead of course). However, I think I'm on the wrong coast. I won't get to see it. Needlesstosay, this is exciting & I anxiously await the DVD release.

I have listened to this repeatedly over the entire Summer; I have yet to get tired of it. Buy the soundtrack.
"Trash City" -Joe Strummer featuring The Latino Rockabilly War

PS- I promised some personal updates. What's new besides my botanical laundry detergent as mentioned in the previous entry that I will continually bring up and proudly brag about?! I've got nothing except that it's totally 80 degrees in October. I can't complain.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

You Smoke too?!

It's almost midnight on a Sunday night. While I'm waiting for my Simply Sleep to kick I'll update everyone. This weekend was the first time I could cut loose in what seems to be a very long time. Sadly, no one was around. Even though it made me realize how important an available* group of friends really are; it was the first chance I had to attend to some much needed domestics. I bought a curtain rod, curtains, fruit bowl, fabric softener, organic laundry detergent (this was honestly an impulse but it smelled fantastic), some work clothes (I was looking pretty unkempt), fake flowers, teapot, frames & DVD's etc. Pretty much everything I didn't think I needed or hadn't had the chance to pick up. I decided that my room must resemble nothing short of a palace, a relatively affordable palace and while some might say this is taking it too far, it's okay I'm crazy about this sort of thing. Even if it means traveling to Delaware back and forth 10 too many times to the World Market to buy that unnecessary wool shag rug. Whatevs, I'm worth the hassle. I'm a lucky lady to have had my friend, Sean allow me to move into his house tucked nicely into the neighborhoods of Havertown, Pa. Well, I gotta run because that Simply Sleep demands my presence. Before I go two things: a. I preemptively apologize for not returning any ones texts or phones calls. I have horrible reception and must stand very still or on the roof b. This entry could not be more of a boring read. I hope this helped anyone fall asleep.


*available meaning friends that haven't left the state or have time to hang out. i have many friends but the number of available friends keep on dwindling through time.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Between moving, two jobs, & painting. I'm surprised I haven't been hospitalized for exhaustion or a nervous breakdown. I'll be back soon with some stories & updates. Also, before I go (I hope I still have readers. Did I ever?) I'm thinking about changing my url. This is of course only under the circumstance that I can have all of my old entries converted under the new url. Can you even do that?

I'll keep you posted.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Welcome to HELL

No, seriously I've been painting for 3 days now.
"Strokin'"-Clarence Carter