Thursday, October 18, 2007

The Future is Unwritten: Joe Strummer

I've tried to buy this twice ; the UK will not deliver it to me for whatever reason. It may not transfer on my DVD player. Either way, it plays in select theaters on Nov. 2nd (ALSO MY BIRTHDAY! and well The Day of the Dead of course). However, I think I'm on the wrong coast. I won't get to see it. Needlesstosay, this is exciting & I anxiously await the DVD release.

I have listened to this repeatedly over the entire Summer; I have yet to get tired of it. Buy the soundtrack.
"Trash City" -Joe Strummer featuring The Latino Rockabilly War

PS- I promised some personal updates. What's new besides my botanical laundry detergent as mentioned in the previous entry that I will continually bring up and proudly brag about?! I've got nothing except that it's totally 80 degrees in October. I can't complain.


Dig said...

Keep your fingers crossed, it could always show up at the Ritz.

Cotton said...

region-free DVD players are cheap and effective. They play everything. I recommend this.