Thursday, November 08, 2007

If this is it for me. Promise me you will host the Dundies.

I stop reading this site for a week or two and HOLY SHIT this happens. There's a link to Jenna Fischer's Blog explaining it pretty clearly. On some more unfortunate news my computer is broken. I'm now broadcasting from work and goddamnit these phones are ringing off the hooks while I attempt to read, process & write this momentous shit storm(my job is to answer them sometimes when the receptionist is out).

Hold me.


Dig said...

It's sad that this season might be ending so soon. Hopefully the networks get their collective heads out of their asses and pay the writers what they deserve soon so they can keep being funny.

Robin said...

Yes, pay the writers more! If it impacts LOST, I'll be fuming!

Did you see Jim smile real big at the end last night? Cute!

sarah said...
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sarah said...


While this network quagmire grew I had been living underneath a rock eating goldfish and reading Oprah magazines; I had no idea until yesterday!!!!