Thursday, May 31, 2007

By the Power of Snails

The weather as of lately is fit for wearing inappropriately tiny shorts like these bad larry's. In regard to the link. Wow, I know Henry, it's hot but throw on a damned shirt for christs sakes! You've got guests. Summer is around the corner and that's why I take solace in sticking my snaggle rocks (code for deranged toes) into cooler waters. Every year I compose a Summer 'to do' list. I haven't made mine yet this year (I still have time) but I already know that I've vowed to take more photos. Expect some frequent flickr updates, I'll try to keep 'em fresh by editing them. Speaking of Summer agendas, who wants to see Ocean's 13?!? The media destroyed the sequel including those who made the movie by deeming it unacceptable in comparison to the first & original. So why see the third? Well, aside from the fact that the second was not the heist film we all remember from the first that followed in the footsteps of the 1960's original it goes unnoticed that the sequel was filled with bits of humor & total demise that the first one in my opinion didn't have. Plus it was like watching an international thieve off between talented crooks backed with some seriously awesome hip-hop/garage induced freak beats. If that doesn't sell you in seeing the third? According to an article the directors believe this one to be the finale they intended to make in place of no.2's disaster(said article has since disappeared from my memory). So come on folks! See this movie with me even though most of the actors are tired of making these goddamn films! George Clooney believes he will be too old for the next one. If I understand correctly Ocean's 13 is intended to be the last of them. I'll drop it for now but seriously. For me?

I was a tad hesitant (as I always am) to post another song on here because I know ya'll don't download from this site. I see the numbers!?!!?! Honestly, that wasn't a target against anyone. Cross my heart. It's no big deal. Really, I understand the cornucopia of reasons not to plus attention spans tend to run wild on the Internet. I'm the first to admit to an occasional melt down when sites unexpectedly time out, partly because my computer runs on snails. Hey, lay off my ancient computer and those snails. They're diligently working to keep my computer alive. Back to the song I am about post; The last time I listened to Kings of Leon I was miserably beginning my sophomore year of College. The vocals on Youth & Young Manhood made me feel weirdly uncomfortable (I mean c'mon it was hard for me to decipher whether this shit was awesome or totally off the wagon of cheese) but the music jangled on making the songs more than listenable. Three years + pass & nothing really stuck. As always I just couldn't keep with the whirlwind of everything else being put out. As I sat in my car last night data entering work (my job actually gave my clumsy ass a laptop!?!?) and this gem of a song playd on 88.5. I'm glad I still listen to radio for these reasons! It was one of those moments when you stop working, gaze up and realize what is this? And why is my stomach toiling with absolute delighted excitement? First off, I hope these excited nipple-ly moments happen to everyone when their ears are over-powered by the goodness of sound. It was then that I realized a band I had not bothered to check up on had come out with something new
& judging by this song pretty fantastical.

Enjoy Kings of Leon -On Call. I don't mean to over use the term sexy but the bass line couldn't be more so.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Weekend Thoughts

I have this supremely unavoidable trait of losing things. This has reoccurred through out my entire life. I know that I have to worry about losing goods (wallets specifically) whenever I go out to bars or parties. This drives me fucking nuts EVERY TIME for my wallet disappears quite often. This familiar fear is something I grab onto like a can of cola every time I head out the door. No possible preparation could avoid this. Believe me when I say that I've tried everything. B-b-Sarah didn't your Mother teach you the old stuffing your cash into your socks trick??? This is crazy and a terrible way to conduct going out. Several obvious problems pose with this 1. Forget about wearing heals or sandals!?!!? All you men could give a damn but in the summer time us ladies shall heavily dispute. I refuse to let my personal retardations dictate my choice of wardrobe 2. People get sincerely angry when you hand them hot, smelly cash drenched in the ripest of foot odors. I really don't have smelly feet but cash rubbing up against them for a few hours? I guarantee that they won't smell like soap either!?! Nothing good can come that. Also expect absolute disdain courtesy of your bartender and all your surrounding friends when you fork over these awfully pungent bills('Cause nobody like your stank ass). 3. Walking around with shit poking at your toes is far from comfortable. The magnitude of this shall cause nothing but anger for no real good reason. Furthering this I will then be savagely fixated on the fact that their is a hunk of paper irrating my foot. Nobody wants to witness a mid conversation lash-out over the junk in my shoe. Anyway, enough of this crazy talk. In conclusion to this endless supply of junk I've been pumping out onto this site, I've happily accepted this extremely irrating quality within myself.

Tomorrow I'll post something with links. This post was something to get the ball rolling.


Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Cornucopia of Junk

I've been unwaveringly critical about what gets posted on here lately. I had a gigantic post ready & up but took it down due to last minute editing. Who would think that being extra critical could cause such shotty posts. I'd also like to tighten up the content on here. Ideas? Anyone? To help jump start a cornucopia of ideas stare in the depths of my very own toilet shining in all of its glory (yuuuck) courtesy of my cannon cam, cam.

I'm sorry. That was just mean and gross.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Ode to missing my beloved tv show...

Sadly, I will be missing The Office season finale tomorrow! OH NO THE SHOCK! Long Story. I'll let this one burn slowly.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Hamm Radio

As I shuffled my way through traffic I managed to catch this on my way to work. It cheered me up as I sat hot, defenseless, & bored in I-95 traffic. Particularly, when Albert Hammond Jr. explains his childhood (burning things, Switzerland). During the interview I noticed that he's an extremely slow talker. His is almost to the point of hypnosis. Slow talking on the radio is the last thing people need to hear and have patience for especially when you're barrel assing 70mph down the highway (when traffic lets up of course). For some reason I found it rather endearing instead of inconvenient. Probably, because he's downright interesting & has every reason to be basking in stories including The Strokes or what about Fabrizio "the hot one" Moretti's romance with Drew Barrymore? No, he's just shooting the breeze about how having a famous musician in the family was no big deal. Albeit he may just bereally bored with fame which explains his painstakingly slow voice. Either it's okay with me Hammie your methodical tone is unintentional comedy in the sweetest manner possible. I was delighted to hear this while I rushed to work, it reminded of how inspired people can be and at the same time not be bursting their blood vessels to do something worth doing.

On second thought Albert Hammond jr., probably at one point or another in fit of uncontrolled rage threw his fists through a wall or plate of glass (possibly a shower door)while recording his latest album. He of course will have no recollection of this zombiefyed stouper. It's just he talks so effortlessly keewl.

Buy Yours To Keep here.

PS- Albert Hammond jr. may or may not be going on tour with Incubus this summer?! I'm not exactly sure how to react to this.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Q & A

Numerous times I've griped about this in previous entries and I always come to the grand conclusion that it doesn't matter. It really shouldn't & I promise to let it go soon enough. It's just every now and then I get self-conscious about whether or not I should be posting with the little to no readers. NOTE: Those who do comment/read or even just read and don't comment are more than appreciated and I can't thank enough. Also, when I spread thehot poopto all of my friends I was surprised at how many friends reject blogs. Which to me is sort of funny, because the same friends who say, "blogs are lame" pretty much use and spend the time to be on myspace. Which is okay, but kind of confusing. I find sites like this much more interesting because they are about something slightly more specific. Still pondering this I decided to take it to the streets (by streets I mean discussion groups on blogspot) to bury it for once and for all. And I was surprised to get answered so quickly. Now, I understand that the content & creativity shouldn't parallel itself with the amount of readers. You can't manufacture blog popularity which isn't really why I ask or what I care about. Again,I tamper obessessively about these types of things. I've just been curious.

What can I say, can't I be curious??

Q&Aposted late last night.

Also Thank You, to those who responded on the discussion board. Your feedback was highly appreciated and helpful. I'll be sure to check out your blogs as well.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Midnight Dotage

I've been running around the beautiful streets of PA (Delaware & Chester County to be precise)with the purpose of putting up product ads that serve me utterly no entertainment value. I'm also convinced that 95% of people do not see these ads which makes the work an entirely useless hustle. Maybe people subconsciously shut them out while walking down super-market isles. Which I'm more than okay with 'cuz who gives a damn about snappy adult diapers!?! I sure as fuck don't &NEITHER SHOULD YOU!. I'm not complaining, I'm just jazzed to be mobile on the clock. I must point out in advance that the content you're reading may be a little helter-skelter. Regardless, I'm making up for my two week vaca. Although, I've been writing up a storm these past couple of days and then abruptly throwing every entry into the draft natatorium. Self-Consciousness is a form of writer's block that I'm all to familiar with. Well, tonight I'm just going to let it rip, folks. Lettin' it rip like farting dotards. We just don't have time to be hung up on these matters.

It's pushing 3AM and I must sleep (despite what the clock tells you on this thing). There will be more in due time. But I'm going to close with a commercial that aired in the summer of 2003. A commercial that I looked for day & night on Google and Youtube in the previous weeks since it had fallen off regular TV rotation. After giving up long ago, tonight's unexpected restlessness gave me the courage to try Youtube once again despite its previous failures. Not tonight, Youtube gently spoke softly into my eardrums with this 15 second GEM!!!!! It's Willie!!!!

If that is not enough? And understandably so get involved in other commercial news and see what the Slow Party is up to. Or watch this.

And if that does not suffice, well jeez I just don't know.