Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Midnight Dotage

I've been running around the beautiful streets of PA (Delaware & Chester County to be precise)with the purpose of putting up product ads that serve me utterly no entertainment value. I'm also convinced that 95% of people do not see these ads which makes the work an entirely useless hustle. Maybe people subconsciously shut them out while walking down super-market isles. Which I'm more than okay with 'cuz who gives a damn about snappy adult diapers!?! I sure as fuck don't &NEITHER SHOULD YOU!. I'm not complaining, I'm just jazzed to be mobile on the clock. I must point out in advance that the content you're reading may be a little helter-skelter. Regardless, I'm making up for my two week vaca. Although, I've been writing up a storm these past couple of days and then abruptly throwing every entry into the draft natatorium. Self-Consciousness is a form of writer's block that I'm all to familiar with. Well, tonight I'm just going to let it rip, folks. Lettin' it rip like farting dotards. We just don't have time to be hung up on these matters.

It's pushing 3AM and I must sleep (despite what the clock tells you on this thing). There will be more in due time. But I'm going to close with a commercial that aired in the summer of 2003. A commercial that I looked for day & night on Google and Youtube in the previous weeks since it had fallen off regular TV rotation. After giving up long ago, tonight's unexpected restlessness gave me the courage to try Youtube once again despite its previous failures. Not tonight, Youtube gently spoke softly into my eardrums with this 15 second GEM!!!!! It's Willie!!!!

If that is not enough? And understandably so get involved in other commercial news and see what the Slow Party is up to. Or watch this.

And if that does not suffice, well jeez I just don't know.


Dig said...

You hand out ads for adult diapers now? That pic did put a smile on my face. It's awesome.

sarah said...

Actually, no but arguably that is part of one many, many different ads I hang.

Anonymous said...

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