Friday, May 11, 2007

Hamm Radio

As I shuffled my way through traffic I managed to catch this on my way to work. It cheered me up as I sat hot, defenseless, & bored in I-95 traffic. Particularly, when Albert Hammond Jr. explains his childhood (burning things, Switzerland). During the interview I noticed that he's an extremely slow talker. His is almost to the point of hypnosis. Slow talking on the radio is the last thing people need to hear and have patience for especially when you're barrel assing 70mph down the highway (when traffic lets up of course). For some reason I found it rather endearing instead of inconvenient. Probably, because he's downright interesting & has every reason to be basking in stories including The Strokes or what about Fabrizio "the hot one" Moretti's romance with Drew Barrymore? No, he's just shooting the breeze about how having a famous musician in the family was no big deal. Albeit he may just bereally bored with fame which explains his painstakingly slow voice. Either it's okay with me Hammie your methodical tone is unintentional comedy in the sweetest manner possible. I was delighted to hear this while I rushed to work, it reminded of how inspired people can be and at the same time not be bursting their blood vessels to do something worth doing.

On second thought Albert Hammond jr., probably at one point or another in fit of uncontrolled rage threw his fists through a wall or plate of glass (possibly a shower door)while recording his latest album. He of course will have no recollection of this zombiefyed stouper. It's just he talks so effortlessly keewl.

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PS- Albert Hammond jr. may or may not be going on tour with Incubus this summer?! I'm not exactly sure how to react to this.

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