Thursday, December 18, 2008

Okay, I was trying not to write until the NEW YEAR. I wanted to leave this hackneyed* thing alone. Why? Because I wanted to leave on a good note and I'm thinking about starting a new/different blog. Hopefully, more geared toward art. The reason is because keeping up with this is a commitment, and if you've committed it's best to just go with it. Before it I was making fun of myself (that probably won't stop), posting half-assed entries no one could relate to, and well, not having any readers because I made the awful, awful mistake of only telling a few in 2006 (The 3 that read stop shaking those fists. I hear ya!) and then begging everyone I know to read by 2007. It'll be a fresh start and hopefully less stupid in my opinion. Also, everyone will feel included this time. Eitherway, YOU will know about the changes but if I don't know a thing about it yet, how can I tell anyone anything? I've been dwelling on it for a while. We'll get there.

Now, why I really came on here. When I walked into work this morning a co-worker/work buddy stopps me abruptly as I'm pacing quickly toward my desk.

She says in the most sincere tone, "This is kind of weird. I have something to tell you."

I respond a tired, "yeah?"

It's not even 8:30 yet, scarf still on.

co-worker/work buddy, "I was listening to the radio this morning and HOW BIZZARE BY OMC CAME ON.."

I'm smiling and smirking as excitement is elevating. Just waiting for it...

co-worker/work buddy exclaims, "AND I THOUGHT OF YOU!!!"

Okay, you have no idea how much this has made my morning and that somebody I've known for less than 2 years who doesn't really know me at all already associates me with this song. My life is complete.

Let me explain! This past summer I was nestled away from everyone in the HR room (I'm not even in Human Resources). We would bring our CD's in and blast them in the communal boombox. Naturally, I made everyone listen to my $3 copy of OMC (from Goodwill). But mostly, it was my summer anthem song between 1996/97. I'll leave that one for another day.

Now, that's a good note.

*hackneyed is also the dictionary word of the day! Yeah, I get those cool word of the day e-mails.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008


Yeah, puuh-ritty good.

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Christmas came a little early this year...

This is why we can't have nice things.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Ugh, Monday.

Don't worry. I didn't wipe out any of my posts. Still here, I'm here. Just check in the archives. I just wanted to

clear the page because I have this awful habit of signing in rereading previous posts and then never wanting to

write a new one because the old ones I've written have either crept into my brain or sorta bore me to tears.

Needlesstosay I've gotta stop that.

Be back soon.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Sadly I missed this. I heard that the crane was having hoisting problems.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Danny & A Cattle of Drunkards

I visited this little turd burglar at my parents during lunch the other day. He's still tired at noon! Naturally, I gave him a blanket.

A co-worker sent this to me. Funny, thing is I saw cops chasing a moving tree top through the crowd. I BET this was a different tree though. What a schmuck thing to do!?

Thursday, October 30, 2008


I could only hold my phone for so long before my hands went numb from the cold last night! It was alright though. I'll try to update later (possibly with captions) but I may just hold off. Since, I'm sure everyone will have heard the stories by then. I had to post some of these photos though! I have video too. Much excitement/unique terror went down in a celebratory, flaming, ruckus last night. To say the least it was something I had never seen before.

PS- I'll try to snag some more photos off of friends.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Drink it in Ladies and Gents!!!

"I finally kicked my diet cola habit in my 20s, a good thing too, because scientists in Boston recently found that drinking one or more regular or diet sodas every day doubles your risk of metabolic syndrome-- combination of conditions that increase your chances of heart disease and diabetes. The exact culprit isn't completely understood, but it could be the caramel color added to colas and other dark sodas, which increased the risk for metabolic syndrome in animals. Experts also speculate that exposing your taste buds to the sweet fizzy flavor of soda conditions you to crave sugary foods, which can lead to weight gain. Whatever the reason, it's an easy enough habit to quit. Club soda (sodium free, of course) with a splash of juice satisfies the fizz craving with just enough sweetness. For a good alternative, try Sassy Water."

For an extremely long period, I'd say for about over a decade I've been hooked on Diet Pepsi. A direct result of belonging to a family that's been buying cases of it since 1994 and probably way before then. I could go on and on and ooooon about how much soda has effected my life. Some good came of it but mostly in negative ways. Sodium benzoate, anyone? This stuff is like crack to the ADHD brain. My parents were not advocates of coffee and as a kid neither was I. So we drank soda. Also, I can remember the one summer that my older brother spent entirely drinking nothing but Pepsi Kona's and Killer Shakes (he drank the shakes mostly). Both of these are so fucking gross! Though, It kept us up for hours playing Mario Kart. Anyway, for the life of me I couldn't understand why it took me so long to destroy this habit of drinking soda. Since I don't even like the taste of Pepsi. It just tastes like chemicals to me. What's even more baffling is that no one else in my family seems to have had this problem with soda but me.

My conclusion for always crawling back to these red-blue silver cans was always the craving for fizz. Carbonation!!!! Carbonation is what I crave. Before I read this article I've since switched to sodium free club soda, too. Good call. (whispers)Is this much better?

Anyway, this article is something I'd like to pass on, even though I think everyone already knows that drinking soda is bad. It's just a nice reminder. Here's the rest of the article.

Article Summary: Eat purple stuff and plop out babies by 25. Interesting? But no and no. Yes, to no more cola's.

I've come a loooong way.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Amy Winehouse Pooch!!

This made me laugh. It's got to be the wig. Absolutely preposterous!Poor doggy.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

INVOLUNTARY SPASMS ENJOY THE SHOW!!! additional sentences added

First thing this morning I step on to my street and I see a woman cloaked in red walking her dog cloaked in red. The car starts and immediately Phillies victory cheering expels over the airwaves. All the while "Song 2" by Blur followed by Metallica's "Enter Sandman" is the choice of background noise for such celebration. The whole way into work I kept flipping through the stations to hear all of the enthusiasm.

It wasn't even 8am yet.

Anyway, this is coming from someone who knows nada about this season or the last 15 but it's going to be an incredible week as well as tiring. It's kind of a big deal. I admit I know nothing about sports. At one point in my life I knew a little. I'd check the papers for the scores (no really I did). I could differentiate the teams. I knew which teams were on the National and American Leagues but that was over a decade ago. I forget everything now. Remember starter jackets? Yeah, I wore one in 4th grade (mine was a basketball one though). I'm almost certain the only reason I followed sports for that brief period in my tiny life under and around the age of 10 was because I looked up to my brothers/Dad and well I played some sports too. That ship has since sailed and while I'm unbelievably excited (and surprisingly so) for these games it will not get me liking sports any more than the day before. I mean shit, just the other day I wore an LA Dodgers tee (just for the colors and cursive) unknowing that the Phillies had been playing them. This is how little I know about sports. I will continue to live my life in this fashion. It's just nice to see everyone so enthusiastic over the same event. Annnd there's seven games. This makes a difference in the height of crazy because it extends in over a period of time vs one night.

Also, my work cares a lot about sports. So much so that we get to dress down in t-shirts and sneakers as long as we wear red and/or Phillies shirts all week. Since I don't have any Phillies stuff at my place (maybe in my parents attic?) I've opted for a red t-shirt with a cheerleader jumping on it that says "up with spirit". Strangely, I thought this shirt would never serve a purpose.

Today a Phillies banner came through the regular mail. I just think it's funny that when the Fedex man walked through the office wearing a Red Sox cap everyone poked there heads out of their cubicles like a pack of confused apes. One guy actually got confrontational by standing up in the middle of his aisle furrowing his eye brows. He said, "did that guy just..." Another one said, "I think he did." This man has probably been a Red Sox fan for a good chunk of his life. He's got his reasons. Stay back! Also, another guy at work said he has his hang over cure already nestled in his fridge for tomorrow morning. He was also the same guy telling the whole corner of the office that he walked outside in nothing but pants and his Phillies t-shirt (in 50 degree weather) this morning sipping an iced coffee looking at everyone looking at him.

Get ready for the bonanza. Guns will be fired, people will be arrested, fire crackers will explode, pots and pans will be beat, out of shape painted shirtless men will piss in our streets, and trash from excitement well blow down the streets like tumble weeds. All in the name of sports and blind pride. Stock your fridges with bottles of water or grape Pedialyte. You're going to need them! 'Cuz those dehydrated calves are going to be hurting. Note: According to a co-worker Pedialyte is good for hang overs. He learned it from Metallica.


Also, I will never. ever. Mention Metallica twice or even once in another post for the rest of my whole damned life.

Monday, October 20, 2008

It's glorious.

At work out back around 9amish. This is glorious. I SHIT YOU NOT!!!


A shadow in the work parking lot. Sorta resembled fangs or horns.

After this message I promise that I'm done with the topic of fangs.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

What are those? Little snails??

My internet time has been limited these past few days at work/home. Previously, I had started and stopped a bazillion different posts. Unfortunately, all these have been interrupted and I forget where I was going with most of them. Instead here's a photo of my sweet little fang necklace that everyone has been talkin' about.

I found it interesting that this necklace prompted so many questions.


"Have you been watching True Blood?"
Actually, I saw the first episode. It wasn't that bad. Though, a bit pornographic for a series? Then again vampie's are pretty horny and it is showtime.

"What? What're those teeth? Cute."

My mom complements anything I wear but then asked "what is that?"

Lastly, most recently out to lunch with my department from work the waitress goes, "oooooh, I love your necklace!" Pauses "Are you a dentist?"

Anyway, I've only got about 5 minutes left.

Got to run!

Friday, October 10, 2008

I sorta over paid for this one.

How appropriate is this necklace for October? Coincidental but still pretty damned appropriate.

Recently, I'm the proud owner of one (Thanks, Ebay!!!).

Thursday, October 02, 2008

I had things under control

Check out that lobster stencil.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

It's amazing what people remember when they're not trying

Since, we've been picking up other people's wireless Internet (ssshhh. we'll get our own soon. don't judge me.) it's been a tad discordant. Seemingly only when I want to use it. Bored and uninspired I wrote out a listicle* of trivial stuff I'm currently enjoying to the maxium.

Here the list of what kept me up last night (plus some more from today).

Fall 2008

all I could jangle:
-listening to rain in bed
-ordering club soda w/ a lime at a bar when not up for drinking (Good for quitting diet pepsi too).
-Avoiding television with the words "90210" in it. Really, just non-actively caring about all of the newish shows.
-Cleo Lane. Who the hell is she?
-Californication thanks to Lauren. No David Du is still not attractive to me despite his lovable fuck up character that I still sort of hate.
-Biking any chance I get. Yeah, I can now hold a drink and not ride into a ditch!
-Short sleeve hoodies. Is there a point? Hell, yes.
-Memorizing our world atlas shower curtain.
-The Bee's "Listening Man"
-Late 70's Cars.
-Drinking hot cocoa from our disgusting machine at work even though it's barely October.
-Burn After Reading
-Anything colored gold.
-Not getting past the notion that John McCain uses only his bottom lip to speak. Where are those top front teeth!?
-Figuring out the amount of rain now vs the summer's.
-Percy Sledge's Greatest Hits (on vinyl!!!!)
-Downtown Owl
-Making excuses not to go out every night especially Thursdays. I doubt I did that anyway.
-Using my 2.0 mega pixel camera phone as a regular camera.
-Not having an iPod anymore. Though that will change soon.
-cuarderno steno
-Thinking about painting an Obama portrait or at least drawing one. He's got such expressive features!
-Still watching but hating Entourage.
-Brushing up on my presidents. Quizzo needs me.
-Rethinking my future and honestly changing it for the better.
-New TVOTR track "Crying"
-Not giving a hoot about money.

Then I fell asleep to the rain last night. It was outstanding.

Yours truely,


*I stole the word listicle from

Monday, September 22, 2008

Give me time now I understand these lessons have meaning

Been sitting here awhile hoping the caffeine will wear off. Instead, of writing like I wish I could I'm tapping my fingers to this song on loop which I happened to find extremely soothing at the moment.


"Listening Man" -The Bees

Monday, September 15, 2008

"Don't ever lie to a man about a chocolate fountain"

My brother got on the horn Saturday night to tell me he got this a bit early and you can too!!! Just go to Borders in King of Prussia mall.

Cat's out of the bag, suckas!

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

It's like thunda

This was unreal. So much so since I was the only jackass at work running outside holding a cellpone to the sky photoing what seemed to be a mammoth storm cloud headed directly towards Newtown Square. I don't know about the rest of you but this sort of thing excites me. I can't just sit in the office and ignore it. Hell no I've got to be outside in the stew of it. Apparantly, I'm not the only one excited since everyone walking by the lobby seems to be commenting. That and someone just greeted me by excitedly banging on some card board boxes sitting next to my computer. This scared the crap out of me.

The last time I checked it is still 10am, right?

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Wait until I get home

This is a photo of shattered glass smattered around a parking meter. Despite the shotty cellphone

picture the glass glistened all the way down the street. It was absolutely beautiful. Though, I

wondered if it came from a broken car window? One of these days I'll fix my canon or buy a new one

and then you'll see what I'm talking about. It's been a while. I'll update more soon. For now listen to

this song snagged from one of the many, many music blogs posting Motel Motel.

"coffee" -Motel Motel


Thursday, July 24, 2008

Something is not right with me.

I sold myself short. I've been running around like a drunken flamingo trying to wrangle it all. A 9 to 5, a commute, a social life, keeping up with these insane hours, getting no sleep at night, hoping from place to place. I'm about to move again tomorrow. And then I'm moving again in 2 months. Sometimes, I wonder if living in Philadelphia is worth it. I'm crippled with an unspeakable depression at the moment.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

My week long vacation is slowly screeching to a halt. While I got the chance to head up to New York City for a day and

my brother came to visit from Oregon or Georgia who the hell knows where he is flying from anymore. I'm a little

reluctant to hop back into work so soon. Sigh. In effort to cheer myself up and maybe some one else I was about

to post a funny dialogue I wrote at Barnes & Nobles about an ago hour concerning my social neurosis toward

positive thinkers but I'm almost certain it would only be funny to me.

Instead take at a look at this.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Been done before.

I'm trying to get back up on the horse of productivity. This was all I could wrangle.

Monday, May 26, 2008


Note: an extremely candid and emotional post that is both earnest and vulnerable. Try not make fun of me too much. Okay you can.

I wanted to cry as I drove home from Center City to Havertown tonight. All 9 miles of it. I couldn't though. I wanted to because I'm about to embark on a big decision that I thought would do me good. The truth is my decision to move to Philadelphia in June will still probably do me good. It's just I'm really downsizing and I know moving back home would be so much easier. It's a 15 minute drive to work. Now I will have a nightmarish commute which partly had to do with my urge to cry my eyes out. And I was just coming home (which is half the distance of going to work) on a breezy, holiday evening with zero traffic. This gloom was entirely unexpected. The reality hit me hard as I boxed up a bunch of stuff, took it to my parents, and visited the place in which I will be more or less living extremely lightly. I don't mind living minimally. I look forward to it. I strive to do so. I just hope I can get a hang of things in one piece.

As childish and insecure as this sounds I hope people are nice to me. I hope I make some new friends though as lucky as I already am having a few in the city. I worry that I'm making a lavish mistake and that I'll wind up going broke and having to forfeit independence. Sometimes I make impulsive choices AND I hope this isn't one of them. It's tough making living arrangements. It's a commitment. It's always easier doing these things in your head. At first it's exciting and you think about the fun stuff. I think about all the music I'll see or how I won't have to drive to get my groceries, the new people I might meet, the excitement of always having something going on, the diversity, the history, the culture, the walking, or that there's a barnes and nobles a block away. A repetitive Kevin Bacon commercial is coming mind but this shit is exciting. All of these glaring benefits erase any worry and doubt... at first. Now I can't get out of my head the tumultuous voyage into Newtown Square daily, the gas money, the familiar lonely feeling I felt that awful year and half I spent in art school, everyone running a muck making me feel claustrophobic, missing state parks, leaving behind some friends who say they'll visit but not too much because they hate the city, feeling food illiterate, the feeling that I'm uptight compared to the city natives, everything is expensive, learning how to use mace etc. Also, call me crazy but the 400 murdered people last year don't make too happy either. It terrifies me. I keep reminding myself you're doing something that doesn't entirely make you comfortable. Good. This means you're taking chances. I just have to learn how to let go. It's already happening.

I'd like to expand more on this but I'm feeling sluggish at the moment. Too much barbeque food for me. I plan on extending this post a bit later. I hope everyone's Holiday was spectacular.

Anyway, this song has nothing to do with Philadelphia other than the Diplo aspect. It's been on repeat this weekend.
"California Soul (Diplo / Mad Decent Remix) -Marlena Shaw & Diplo


Sunday, May 25, 2008

I'd like to have a few words with the Philadelphia Parking Authority. I got a second notice today doubled in fines for a ticket I've already paid online. The best part about this is that I've got zero record to prove my payment because I'm completely irresponsible. Ladies and gents save those confirmation e-mails! I'm pretty certain ppa fucked up royally on this one. My guess is that my payment never went through. We'll see PPA. I don't care what my bank statements say when I check them tomorrow. I paid whether you wanted to take my money or not. I hate you Philadelphia Parking Authority.

Sigh, it's so much easier to complain about this sort of thing. Instead I just paid. You win.

Anyway, this song totally cheered me.
"Cappuccino" -The Knux


Friday, May 09, 2008

This is what I like to call the final 3. What does that even mean? It means I've got 3 minutes left on the clock and I'm going to recap as much as I can for the next 3 minutes with typos, sentence fragments, ill-punctuation included. I'll just jump in:

Phone rings. I answer it. The voice yells Hello?(loud southern accent). I go, This is [insert company name here]. The voice screams back Hello? I repeat, This is [insert company name here]. How can I help you? [Long pause] What I assume to be drunken laughter but laughter nevertheless a man responds "yeah, um I've got a maaaaaasive erection.. Immediately CLICK. Fucking yikes. In hind sight I wish I would have stayed on the line and messed with this guy for a moment or at least dialed him back just so I could hang up on him twice.

This is just another thin slice of life in Newtown Square.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

"In your dreams babe"

Last night I fell asleep at 7 o'clock and woke up around 3-ish. No big deal. I went back to sleep around 5-ish. You'd think I'd be cranky. Truth is I needed that much sleep more than anybody. Yesterday, I was mentally off balance. I feel incredible this morning. I even made coffee. I never have time for that! Also, I'm feeling even more so fantastic because it's going to be above 80 today. Yeah, I'm trying to keep my composure. Anyway, try going the whole day with out having this song stuck in your head

"It's a Beautiful Morning"-Young Rascals

Lastly, since this news of my glorious morning may be a total bore to you (It really might be) check out Myron Macklin's artninjastudio. Tell me if you can't spot the portrait of Lyrics Born from a mile away?! It's great.


Friday, May 02, 2008

Q: What would I have to do if I didn't have to do it perfectly?

After an assault of telephone calls, impossible requests from bosses/co-workers, DHL being the disruptive bastard it wants to be on a Friday, printers refusing to print, a fallen pretzel leaving a gigantic mustard stain on my pants, a mild heat stroke causing me to nearly faint, ate a bad combo of muffin/pretzel/cola causing me violent stomach pains, elbowing the counter tops and smacking my fingers when carrying pretty much anything today, running from the office side to side doing more than one job (somebody was sick), and nearly falling down a flight of stairs pretending to air guitar.


Here's an interesting theory on perfectionism taken from the book a dear 65 year-old woman/pal/co-worker lent me called The Artist Way (it's a bit arty so bear with me) and probably soon will become my motto. It helped me feel less stressed I guess you could say.


"Tillie Olsen correctly calls it the "knife of perfectionist attitude in art". You may call it something else. Getting it right, you may call it, or fixing it before I go further. You may call it having standards. What you should be calling it is perfectionism. Perfectionism has nothing to with getting it right. It has nothing to do with standards. Perfectionism is a refusal to let yourself move ahead. It is a loop--- an obsessive, debilitating closed system that causes you to get stuck in the details of what you are writing or painting or making and to lose sight of the whole. Instead of creating freely and allowing errors to reveal themselves later as insights, we often get mired in getting the details right. We correct our originality into a uniformity that lacks passion and spontaneity. "Do not fear mistakes," Miles Davis told us. "There are none."


Thursday, May 01, 2008

Night Pages Pt.1: This certainly ain't a regular thing

Every time spring rolls around I'm compelled to change something. This may take the form of being a more attentive friend, eating better, cutting my hair, catching up with an old friend, working on unfinished projects, busting out the sewing machine that hasn't hit daylight in a year etc. We've all got these to-do vows. Specifically, I'd like posting to be more of a regularity on here. This also means writing with less self-criticism. This will be tough and means letting it rip as much as possible. Though, the remains of "letting it rip" may just turn into a provocation of self-doubt and awkward confessions. It will feel unnatural at first. But isn't most change that way in the beginning? It's necessary. Anyway, I've warned you fairly.

Speaking of letting things rip. Nobody does it better than this guy.
Here's to cleaning up the stuff you meant to last year!
"I like it, I love it" -Lyrics Born
Snagged from insound.


Thursday, April 24, 2008

But, c'mon ttthhis guy?

Just when you thought the internet got too soul-crushingly boring and kneeing yourself in the face seemed like a better option than going on google one more time. Behold! Teen Wolf in pug form! Thanks, Idolator. Thanks, thanks for nothing but you guys are usual great. So it's alright.

A way better version of "You ain't seen nothing yet" -Yo La Tengo


Saturday, April 12, 2008

'Nuff said

Fell asleep to some rain and thunder last night it was nice. Soothing. Not to further derail from the important post I had promised a couple of nights ago but I've been having nothing but an un-soothing time concentrating on one thing. Understandibly, I hope these songs make up for it, they couldn't suit my state any more.
"Brain Laxative"-Baby Walrus
"Aint got no home" -Clarence "Frogman" Henry Hey, a Lost Boys theme?
"Old shit/New shit (live)-Eels Exceptional. Thanks, D!
"Osidius the Empathetic"-Pomegranates
"Too weak to fight" -Clarence Carter

Thursday, April 10, 2008


If there's time I'm going to post something later tonight (of course after The Office.) I've got a lot of writing/figuring out to do. It's sort of a big deal. For the time being I'll leave you with this link below.

The last three google images searches have led me to this unstoppable shrine of hilarity.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

I have a month to figure out where to live (our place is being sold) and well I'm also looking for an art jobby (this is most likely impossible) on top of my regular job. Still, these are gigantic plans that must be figured out very soon. One MONTH!?! AHHHHHH!!!

Like you haven't already heard the jingle but still this always helps me out when I'm at a crossroad.
"Security" -Otis Redding
"Security"-Irma Thomas


Tuesday, April 01, 2008

I just may take this chic's advice. I'm pretty fed up with the internet and blogging and everything else for that matter.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

It's Late

Q: Why is it that sometimes in order to accomplish what scares us (cause we care) and matters most to us someone or a circumstance needs to be beating our brains out like a bongo in order to make a move forward (and by people I mean myself)?

A: Maybe it's that a we're afraid (I'm afraid) of failure and a person or situation helps us to see what's important and that there's really nothing to be afraid of. My advice in these situ's is to let it flow natural and go get 'em. It's time to start worrying less and doing more. I just wish sometimes these revelations didn't need such pushing in the first hand.

"Thunder Meadow"-Pomegranates FIXED!!!
Snagged from here

I don't know. It's late.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Say Whaaaa?

Okay, I know I'm probably the last person to find out about The Lost Boys sequel. I still wouldn't have known about it If I hadn't watched Licensed to Drive on cable this Sunday resparking some interests in the lives of the Corey's. Sadly, I own the DVD as well and I STILL sat through it. Does any one else want to tromp on over to the theaters to see this with me come July? Also, I found it absolutely hilarious that neither Corey Feldman or Corey Haim had obtained their licenses while filming License to Drive.

"Cry Little Sister"-Gerard McMahon
Blast this as loud as you possible can. Make sure the whole world can hear as you mouth and or belt the chorus. I bet you will feel like an incredible asshole but in the best way possible.
Note: Upon download there's discrepancy between the artist's name on Mediafire and my blog. It's confusing.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

GNR's Chinese Democracy

The funniest part about this is that I remember hearing about this when I was in third grade (literally). Now, there's a blog about it.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Atomic Dog

Don't you want one?

Monday, March 17, 2008

Holiday Short Circuit *Now edited one more time for your sanity

Noon lunch hour: A work buddy and I are sitting in my car happily eating our packed lunches and listening to the oldies station. Well, seconds into my home made jell-o I threw down my spoon in a zealous rage. Of all day's to make lime jell-o ---Seriously, I think the last time I ate the stuff I was 13--- on St. Patrick's Day?? He said what's the big deal? Disenchanted I say nothing really. It's just the coincidence is a little off putting. His response, you're weird. No doubt that I am weird. It's just I'm always color coordinated on holiday (this isn't really a big deal) but it happens all the time. It's not a damned celebration! I'm just always uninetentionally festive. Long story short, who cares? Forget about the jell-o. No one gives a damn about the jell-o anymore. Should you? I already don't. It's just, it's not a about that anymore. I'm more concerned about these unexpected bouts of emotion that're starting to make me think that I may not be getting enough sleep at night AGAIN. Sure part of these fits are made for the comedy (of one). But is my office slowly driving me into the intense, detail-oriented kind of person that I hate, who freaks out over flavored jell-o in a parking lot at noon on a Monday? Doubt it. It's probably just boredom.

Also, Holy shit birds, if I have to endure one more night of the shouting and loud sex noises next door to me I may just spontaneously explode at the sound. Hold me.

PS- Edited since Tuesday 4pm. Believe it or not I had to edit my editing.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Late Night Quandary Pt.3: I speak the truth edition

The hair dye box said medium brown. Yeah, well I could have predicted that the box would inevitably lie to me once the goo hit my scalp. And that yeah, well things that come in boxes generally don't live up to their photos on the front. I never seem to get it right. I've had countless "hair meltdowns" as friends nicely put it and for what? I've learned the hard way too, too many times. I claim to want "normal" hair. I think? It's kind of embarrassing that I am 100% certain of it being a mistake AND that somehow this thought process never seems to prevail prior. Why is that? It's not very adult of me is it? My motto since 12 has always been: it's just hair. This may hold true today but everyone around me knows that I absolutely hate this about myself and yet I'm constantly reliving the mistakes. I say I'll never mess with my hair again but there is laughter because my declarations to change are unconvincing. Time time and time again has proven that. No matter how many botched hair situations I've endured I know that hair is just hair. I can take the repercussions. This is probably because these choices are not permanent. Shit, I've championed hairstyles that most ladies wouldn't dare leave their house with. But why do I always put myself through the trouble? Sadly, in the past I've enjoyed the challenge of fixing what I've done. Again, these choices are also not permanent therefore it's really no big deal. Thankfully, this syndrome isn't completely self-destructive though it is not completely healthy or limited to hair. I'm resolutely working on curbing this habit. It's not about the hair anymore but being happy with out constantly changing everything. As for the time being I guess I can live with the notion that old habits don't die easily.

Moral? Don't dye your hair over and over again when you say you'll leave it be.

Friday, February 29, 2008

I never cared about this stuff until...

And I still don't really but dude, VW is set to make a hybrid!? Take that Prius. Even though you never did anything to me and yeaah!!! You're gonna get yours. Umm..

It's 9am on a Friday. I feel splendid.

Monday, February 25, 2008

The Cat's Pajamas

Check out The Weekend Tally! This week's is exceptional. I'm glad that I snagged one of these for a $1 vs Urban's lousy $8. Also, I've got to start expanding my topics on this thing. I'm entirely one-dimensional sometimes.

I make no excuse on a Monday.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Absolute Proof that I am not a morning person.

Note:I'm not balding my hair is pulled back
I'm just checking for wrinkles and well, that my face hasn't broken off from exhaustion.
Good. God. Almighty.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

The truth is I will never be a morning person. I know this and it is mainly the reason most people think that I'm routinely high even though I've never touched the stuff in my entire life. Unless you include the times I pretend. This is a something I do for laughs or to convince a complete stranger that I am indeed completely the stoned person they percieve me as.

I also know that I will never be a morning person because it is approximately 5pm on a Wednesday and I am no less tired than the moment I woke up at 6:54am. I've been on the same 5-day rigorous work schedule since October (I lie. It's barely that). It is obvious that in the past 4 months I have not adjusted to this type of schedule. This is not to say I've never worked an early job before. The mal-adjustment could directly be related to my previous job of an entirely open work schedule with a Friday deadline. This seems ideal for a somebody like me especially when I decided to work two days a week. Listen, it sounds awesome but it wasn't.

Basically, I started going to bed at 5am every night and working ass backward hours. This only perpuated the natural cycle of insomnia I so easily fall into. Every moment was a question of whether or not I should work. The jobs tasks also got much easier as time went on. My hours went from regular to short. Some weeks I'd work 5 hours other 20 hours. This also meant if you work 5 hours, you get 5 hours worth of compensation. It's probably one of the only jobs that will pay you less the quicker and better you are.

These options leaving me with no choice. I prompted myself to take on a second job over the Summer and then the breezy 10 hour work weeks suddenly grew into a Godzilla of hellish 70 hour weeks.

Eventually, I found my bliss THANKFULLY by obtaining normal hours at my current job. Prior to October my schedule was far worse than now. Yet, somehow I had an easier time (no I didn't. It just feels that way today).

What's even crazier about this, is that now, I get 7 hours of sleep per night (8 if I'm super-lucky) vs the meager 3 or 4 hours I was surviving on through those smoldering months of Summer. To top it off, I have been doing some sleep research. I do what every sleep article will tell you to do if your having trouble: Go to bed every night at the same time/wake up at the same time. GET 8 HOURS OF SLEEP PER NIGHT. Take your vitamins, melatonin, exercise etc. Got it.

Regulating a sleep routine feels nearly impossible. Also, what's even harder to break is an awful habit of hitting the snooze for an 1 and half every morning. Waking up directly at the sound of a bell still makes every morning more tramatic than the day before. Somehow I keep to this by slipping out of bed daily. Still, I'm always falling into this slump. What can I do?

The morning is beautiful and is somehow my favorite time of day in the warm weather especially. It's a shame I'm asleep for most of it whether I'm awake or not. (Sigh)This is exactly the reason I will never excell at being an early bird.


Monday, February 04, 2008

Chuck Klosterman: Downtown Owl

It's about time! Pre-order the crap out of this OR wait and buy it 7 months from now.

The cover!

Sunday, February 03, 2008

I hate February

Though, I'll tell you what I don't hate.

1- Friday morning I ran full throttle into the office building that I work at and fell flat on MY ASS due to the the icy pavement. YES!!!
2- I unexpectedly shook hands with Kyp Malone at bar in Philadelphia. KYP MALONE!!!! GUYS!? Kyp. Malone. TVOTR. C'mon? That's awesome. Expect an entire entry about this. I don't care, say what you will but I am still fucking star struck by this!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Lily, No!?!

I read this unaware of the initial news to begin with. On a side note: This will not become a celebrity gossip blog. I repeat WILL not become a celebrity gossip blog. Still, tough break.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Why, that's the biggest ice cream cone I've ever seen?

Don't ask how I wound up watching this goofy trailer . Blame it on my being ill. I'm still coming off of being sick/out of work for 2 solid days (seriously, I lost track of time). I just can't wrap my mind around how mind-blowingly stupid this trailer made me feel. I had to re-watch it to believe it. I thought I was hallucinating. IMDB's plot summary failed to help. I repeat failed to help. Seriously!?! Am I wrong --is this or is this not the most retarded (I should be scolded. I know.) mash-up of plot lines to be put in one trailer?

WTF is going on?

Sunday, January 13, 2008

It's about time, JEEEEEZ

I decided to edit my HTML as it looked askew on my new computer. As I was trying to remember how to edit the html, I hit shuffle blog colors (accidentally) and this shenanigan color scheme came on the screen. I give up.

Thursday, January 03, 2008


This photo was originally intended to toast us into the New Year but at around 6pm December 31, 2007 my computer officially died. All year my computer had been in and out of rehab (ie everyone I know tried to repair its broken parts).Thankfully, it held up all year. It's been a good, no great 5 years DELL.