Friday, March 28, 2008

Say Whaaaa?

Okay, I know I'm probably the last person to find out about The Lost Boys sequel. I still wouldn't have known about it If I hadn't watched Licensed to Drive on cable this Sunday resparking some interests in the lives of the Corey's. Sadly, I own the DVD as well and I STILL sat through it. Does any one else want to tromp on over to the theaters to see this with me come July? Also, I found it absolutely hilarious that neither Corey Feldman or Corey Haim had obtained their licenses while filming License to Drive.

"Cry Little Sister"-Gerard McMahon
Blast this as loud as you possible can. Make sure the whole world can hear as you mouth and or belt the chorus. I bet you will feel like an incredible asshole but in the best way possible.
Note: Upon download there's discrepancy between the artist's name on Mediafire and my blog. It's confusing.


Dig said...

Sadly I've never seen the orginal Lost Boys, but I have heard that the sequel keeps with the "vibe" of the first so fans should enjoy it.

Nor have I seen Licensed to Drive, maybe I should be thankful for that.

Robin said...

Oh, you are all so young! The days of yore: That girl, her name was Mercedes - how original. Have you seen "Dream a Little Dream?" - new lows, and even worse that "Drive."

Also, I think you should look up some old Bonnie Tyler videos. "Holding Out for a Hero" and "Total Eclipse of the Heart" are classic dramas of video, and I have just discovered their beauty.


Cotton said...

that songs makes me fear children.

more so.