Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Swing Low My Sweet Chariots

My brother called and urged me to join my Mom in the other room. Confused I ask, why? He shhh's me and says, just look this will be good. Oh, it was. I just spent the last fifteen minutes upstairs peering out of our guest room window at our new neighbor. What is he doing? karate on his van, while laughing manically at his own moves. From how it sounded the roof of his car took a mega beat down. His age has yet to be confirmed due to the distance and darkness. Okay, it gets better he jumps off the car and starts running back and forth vigorously. For those of you who need a visual. Inspired I googled Karate. I came across something, fantastic. Thiskarate chimp will accompany you with a similar helpful visual demonstration. Enjoy!


Who the shit is Kingsley Zissou?

I'm sort of too exhausted to write anything real so I schlepped together an assortment of photos from my trip to California.

Oh, there will be more.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Late Night Quandary Pt.2: The Perplex Yourself Edition

He said to me, and I quote, "No body gives a shit about you." And that my friends came straight from my brother's mouth as we drove in search of some books to read. It was just one of the many, many lovely shards of advice he had for me on careers (ha, careers). And of course he gives a shit about me, no doubt (let's not take this out of context, like I just did). First, let's raise our fists and eat a samich to that! Hooray, for honesty. Yeah, that's me chomping on some triumphant croissant, don't you forget it! In all seriousness, let's dwell for a second?! These exact words had been roving around in my head for weeks!! The lack of care we receive on a daily basis is not limited to careers which to be quite frank bores the living piss out of me and I feel as though this is the one area where people so fairly give themselves the right not to give a damn (which is awful) but this goes beyond that. It filters into almost every aspect of our regular lives. It's true, how many times have you told a person a story about yourself? And they weren't listening, let alone cared. I mean really cared. Most of the time these conversations are interrupted by thoughts or less personal agendas. Any Communications course in College will hang on this to an aggravating extent. Why? It's annoying as FUCK and most need to free themselves of this habit. It is a communication error that has comfortably and lazily worked its way into our social interacting lives. Before I'm lampooned for said declarations -- I realize that this ALWAYS works both ways and expecting attention for every detailed sound to leave my throat would be crazy and just a taaad narcissistic too. Nor do I think that this includes immediate friends. Obviously, friends/loved ones are exempt from this category and sometimes not but for the most part they give a damn. This doesn't so much concern my immediate life either as does the fact: this is happening all around, to everyone. Barriers are built to avoid interaction. Egos thicken and suddenly the 'tude grows. It grows so large that you're screaming at a funeral procession for moving too slowly on a Thursday because you're late to work. Which by the way has never and hopefully will never be me first hand. WOW, how awful is that?! The sad part about this, is that it probably happens every time one passes through a busy street. RESPECT the dead fucktards. It's getting late, and I could go all night citing small examples. In fact, I'd honestly like to talk more about this because as always, thoughts move and go into "weird" directions. For the time being I've calmed myself of this thought. B-b-but Sarah, wait!? People are idiots?!? Yes, yes they're indeed idiots. While this couldn't be more true and we take comfort in knowing the fact that OTHER people's shit indeed stinks far more than our own. Here's the jingle: Everyone poops. A duece is still a duece no matter what, right? No asshole is safe including mine and the world isn't entirely comprised of just roving, walking, talking, idiots. I've got to split even though I've confused everyone -I'm pretty sure only half of what I just said actually made sense.

Still, Thanks and Goodnight!

You'll thank me for this later.
"Together In Pooping" -Triump The Insult Comic Dog

PS- I had different song to post as well a different entry to write but this will do for now. Still, who gives a shit, anyway. Oh, and start giving a shit will ya.

Monday, August 06, 2007

Under Construction

NOTE: To anyone who just read the last entry (from 15 minutes ago) I took it down. My apologies, truth be told it needed editing*. Ahh, anyway I promise, promise some more updates soon!

G'Night Folks.

* I usually do this when I write something too quickly or if I have too many links that break up my writing. I find that when you get stuck between writing and researching at the same time the entry loses something.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

a.m. doldrums

I stare at this window everyday. Yeah..

PS- Updates coming soon!!! Also, the weather this past week has been phenomenal. So much so that everyone should celebrate lovingly.