Thursday, December 27, 2007

I have about 3 seconds to explain this...

Okay, maybe ten minutes if I'm not interrupted by phone calls. If I have to tell one more person the correct number to the Hershey's Chocolate Factory (our number is very, veeery similar) I just might pretend that I actually work there. Anyway, I couldn't stop thinking about this train of thought. Here goes: The notion that outstanding sex lives make our relationships last. I was at the book store on my lunch break reading books about how to keep the lust alive. Why? Sure, why not? I have no idea since It's been awhile for me. Whatever. Maybe I'm subconsciously gearing up for one. One that will inevitably lose some of it's magic naturally and because well I read a book or two -- I'll know what to do? Or maybe I fear that the time has rendered me a little rusty around the edges. Who cares? It happens to everyone. Why should I be uptight about this kind of thing? Never mind, that's beside the point. This particular book that was written by a female author shall remain nameless because well I forget the title already. Books like these always wind up infuriating me because like many of this genre it tends to be one sided. If only great relationship/marriages thrived from these books that read like instruction Manuel's. C'MON. People can read all of these books, try out all the off the wall sexual shenanigans these books guarantee to be dynamite but what it boils down to is personality*. That's all I need to keep me going. Where's the sexual seminars coaching this aspect?! I'm sure there are and I know we all know this but do we? Sometimes I simply forget it. So, when you're feeling down and unsexy just know nothing matters just go with it. I'd love to stand tall on my soap box but I'm afraid I just broke it over the telephone that keeps ringing. This was just an idea to keep in mind but I'm afraid I've gotta go back to work...

Get back to me!

*Yes, I realize attraction still matters.

Sleeping Under Strange, Strange Skies

Lately, I've been kind of scatterbrained. I haven't been able to finish a single thought let alone keep up with this thing. My excuse: I've been working too much? I'm not sure what it is exactly about my move to Havertown that has changed my schedule entirely; I just know that my days have slanted into a routine blur of work and sleep. Things will slow down. I'll stop neglecting fun... eventually. I promise. Also, I vow that this isn't as bleak as it sounds. It just comes across apathetic. I wish you could all see how dangerously funny I look as I lethargically smatter my fingers across my keyboard in attempt to explain this. Anyway, I'm about to fall flat on my desk so I'll wrap this up by saying I hope everyone wound up getting through Christmas alive. It was only yesterday but it somehow seems like days ago. I guess that's what happens when work starts at 8am the following day.

PS- Unrelated note: I wound up copywriting this and I have no idea how to change the placemnet or the color of text!? Infranview is stubborn. Anyway, I gave a 17x20 print to my brother for Christmas (with out the copy right) and he loved it. I'm glad I didn't chicken out. I was really excited to give this to him.

Honestly, I have no idea how to change the placement or color of the copyright or I would.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Thursday, December 06, 2007

They call me whiskers because I'm curious like a cat...

I'm kind of embarrassed to delve into this particular story out of a. sounding self-indulgent b. noticing and taking the time to figure this out. Though, it is a necessary one to tell and at best you will see a bunch of neat costumes. You will understand what the f I mean in a few moments. Privacy of ourselves on the Internet is something that cannot always be controlled. What winds up all over the Internet is a force stronger than we may realize? Knowing that our privacy is valued... sometimes... alright, never. Over the past few days I had noticed some odd activity happening on my Flickr account. I shouldn't say odd but an increased flow of traffic particularly, on a certain Halloween photo. Within a few days the view count had quadrupled. Yes, I notice these things? Considering I'm Friends with 3 people on Flickr I found the popularity to be bizarre. Immediately, I concluded that this picture must have leaked somewhere. B-B-B-But isn't that crazy to assume?? Naturally, this made me a little nervous & paranoid. There was only one solution to this quagmire. A self-obsessed stronghold came over my conscience and I jokingly googled some simple tag words. Expecting to find a smattering of humorous content and maybe the warm feeling of narcissitic stupidity this was not the case. Moments go by and BAM!! I'm nicely tucked into the middle of this webpage. Brooklynvegan had posted this without my approval. Now this shocked and rocked me, too? Yes, indeed. Despite that I could care less, this worries me and serves as a reminder to be extremely careful posting content onto the Internet. Luckily, I've kept this in mind every post. And as for BV ask next time, jerk faces!

A word of advice: be careful before you post those snazzy party photo's of you and your friends. I would know.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007


... a tree fell on our house and busted a hole in our laundry room ceiling. This is true. THIS REALLY HAPPENED. If my Canon weren't busted I'd be posting the photos. If I stuck my hand out of my bedroom window I could break off a twig. FANTASTIC!!! Luckily no one was harmed. None of us were here to witness the spectacle. I tend to hang out in the laundry room a lot more than I'd like to admit. Though this makes me happy, the tenacious tree trunk hanging lifelessly over our kitchen roof does not. Also, the 25 mile winds blowing against its lifeless limbs make me all the more uneasy. The winds tonight have been relentless. I'm positive they're to thank for this warming gift. I better not get crushed while eating my cereal tomorrow morning. When I was greeted with this, I decided to take a drive to the special place I go to at such shiftless times --It isn't really special-- I just wind up there a lot. As I drove to the book store in Delaware the sky started to flurry side ways (again, with the wind). While I enjoy hot weather mostly, there's something completely relaxing about the first snow fall (there was a dusting Sunday morning too). It makes me realize how much I actually don't mind the cold weather even though I really hate it most of the time. I'm also handling the weather much more gracefully this year.

Maybe I'm developing early menopause?