Sunday, December 09, 2007

Okay, things just got a little more weird.


Dig said...

Wow, you truely are an internet celebrity now. Next thing you know people will recognize you on the street.

But seriously, I don't see why you should feel like a jackass, and this is getting slightly out of hand.

Robin said...

oh, no!

sarah said...


I feel like a jackass because I look like a drag queen (is that even possible?) AND I have zero control over it!!

Ah, whatever. Moving on.

Dig said...

On the bright side they chose you over all the other drag queens for the second article.

P.S. You don't look like a drag queen and could probably get your picture off those sites by sending off an angry email.

Cotton said...


For what it's worth: I read that column the day after it was posted and probably looked right over that picture and never would've made the guess that it was you. For what it's worth.

Besides, at least you dressed up. I gave pop rocks to a 38-year old, meth-addicted homeless woman for Halloween, then spend 6 hours trying to find horror movies on TV.

sarah said...

I'd like to think that nobody would have recognized the zebra barrel-chested lady I so proudly became that night. I'm not positive if mine was added later (there were a lot of additions ---probably not) EITHERWAY it's bizarro-ville.

Also, the 38 year-old meth-addicted homeless lady fell asleep to a warm belly of pop rocks that night. You should feel comforted and proud of yourself. Who knows maybe she shared them over a cola with her meth-addicted lover man?

Cotton said...

her meth-addicted lover man turned down his own packet of pop-rocks!

Anywho, yes, I'll be home from Friday - Tues. Right now Friday and Sunday are the nights I plan on going out? I dunno call me and we'll set something up I hope)