Friday, February 29, 2008

I never cared about this stuff until...

And I still don't really but dude, VW is set to make a hybrid!? Take that Prius. Even though you never did anything to me and yeaah!!! You're gonna get yours. Umm..

It's 9am on a Friday. I feel splendid.

Monday, February 25, 2008

The Cat's Pajamas

Check out The Weekend Tally! This week's is exceptional. I'm glad that I snagged one of these for a $1 vs Urban's lousy $8. Also, I've got to start expanding my topics on this thing. I'm entirely one-dimensional sometimes.

I make no excuse on a Monday.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Absolute Proof that I am not a morning person.

Note:I'm not balding my hair is pulled back
I'm just checking for wrinkles and well, that my face hasn't broken off from exhaustion.
Good. God. Almighty.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

The truth is I will never be a morning person. I know this and it is mainly the reason most people think that I'm routinely high even though I've never touched the stuff in my entire life. Unless you include the times I pretend. This is a something I do for laughs or to convince a complete stranger that I am indeed completely the stoned person they percieve me as.

I also know that I will never be a morning person because it is approximately 5pm on a Wednesday and I am no less tired than the moment I woke up at 6:54am. I've been on the same 5-day rigorous work schedule since October (I lie. It's barely that). It is obvious that in the past 4 months I have not adjusted to this type of schedule. This is not to say I've never worked an early job before. The mal-adjustment could directly be related to my previous job of an entirely open work schedule with a Friday deadline. This seems ideal for a somebody like me especially when I decided to work two days a week. Listen, it sounds awesome but it wasn't.

Basically, I started going to bed at 5am every night and working ass backward hours. This only perpuated the natural cycle of insomnia I so easily fall into. Every moment was a question of whether or not I should work. The jobs tasks also got much easier as time went on. My hours went from regular to short. Some weeks I'd work 5 hours other 20 hours. This also meant if you work 5 hours, you get 5 hours worth of compensation. It's probably one of the only jobs that will pay you less the quicker and better you are.

These options leaving me with no choice. I prompted myself to take on a second job over the Summer and then the breezy 10 hour work weeks suddenly grew into a Godzilla of hellish 70 hour weeks.

Eventually, I found my bliss THANKFULLY by obtaining normal hours at my current job. Prior to October my schedule was far worse than now. Yet, somehow I had an easier time (no I didn't. It just feels that way today).

What's even crazier about this, is that now, I get 7 hours of sleep per night (8 if I'm super-lucky) vs the meager 3 or 4 hours I was surviving on through those smoldering months of Summer. To top it off, I have been doing some sleep research. I do what every sleep article will tell you to do if your having trouble: Go to bed every night at the same time/wake up at the same time. GET 8 HOURS OF SLEEP PER NIGHT. Take your vitamins, melatonin, exercise etc. Got it.

Regulating a sleep routine feels nearly impossible. Also, what's even harder to break is an awful habit of hitting the snooze for an 1 and half every morning. Waking up directly at the sound of a bell still makes every morning more tramatic than the day before. Somehow I keep to this by slipping out of bed daily. Still, I'm always falling into this slump. What can I do?

The morning is beautiful and is somehow my favorite time of day in the warm weather especially. It's a shame I'm asleep for most of it whether I'm awake or not. (Sigh)This is exactly the reason I will never excell at being an early bird.


Monday, February 04, 2008

Chuck Klosterman: Downtown Owl

It's about time! Pre-order the crap out of this OR wait and buy it 7 months from now.

The cover!

Sunday, February 03, 2008

I hate February

Though, I'll tell you what I don't hate.

1- Friday morning I ran full throttle into the office building that I work at and fell flat on MY ASS due to the the icy pavement. YES!!!
2- I unexpectedly shook hands with Kyp Malone at bar in Philadelphia. KYP MALONE!!!! GUYS!? Kyp. Malone. TVOTR. C'mon? That's awesome. Expect an entire entry about this. I don't care, say what you will but I am still fucking star struck by this!