Sunday, February 03, 2008

I hate February

Though, I'll tell you what I don't hate.

1- Friday morning I ran full throttle into the office building that I work at and fell flat on MY ASS due to the the icy pavement. YES!!!
2- I unexpectedly shook hands with Kyp Malone at bar in Philadelphia. KYP MALONE!!!! GUYS!? Kyp. Malone. TVOTR. C'mon? That's awesome. Expect an entire entry about this. I don't care, say what you will but I am still fucking star struck by this!


Dig said...

Are you sure it was him? I only ask because I've seen a guy who looks exactly like him at a few concerts in the city.

Robin said...

Sorry I didn't show much sympathy for the fall. I'm sorry you fell.

Yeah, that guy was really eh about it though. Not real nice, if you ask me!

sarah said...

Oh, it was him!

And yeah, but look at from the other perspective that a complete and total stranger walks up to your table and decides to shake your hand.

Tell me, that wouldn't get annoying all of the time.

Cotton said...

I found out a little while ago that both he and Tunde from TVOTR grew up in Pittsburgh. which blew me away. That's awesome, Sarah.