Sunday, January 20, 2008

Lily, No!?!

I read this unaware of the initial news to begin with. On a side note: This will not become a celebrity gossip blog. I repeat WILL not become a celebrity gossip blog. Still, tough break.


Dig said...

Is this turning into a celebrity gossip blog?!?!?

But seriously that sucks for them.

sarah said...

Hell no. Honest. Speaking of gossip what's the deal with Amy W. going blonde!?

sarah said...

PS- All of this sadness aside I can't stop thinking about how Lily's with the guy from Chemical Brothers what's the deal?! Were all of the 22 year-old musicans taken!?!

I'm an ass.

Robin said...

What's wrong with an age difference?? Sorry for the outrage - I found 2 gray hairs this morning. "It's 33, then," I thought, "33. The age when I begin to turn gray." Waaaaaaa!

sarah said...

Are you kidding I've been accused of going gray since I was 12 years old!?

Also, I was kidding. I was just being snarky because I'm crabby and judgemental these days. Alright, so what if he's 37 and she's 22!?

That's love baby, it knows no numbers! It is a mysterious fig.

Cotton said...

musicians get all the girls.

Still, I find it absolutely hilarious and ridiculous that the Times is quoting her myspace page.


Shelves of Vinyl said...

poor lil.
it really is just sad news.