Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Why, that's the biggest ice cream cone I've ever seen?

Don't ask how I wound up watching this goofy trailer . Blame it on my being ill. I'm still coming off of being sick/out of work for 2 solid days (seriously, I lost track of time). I just can't wrap my mind around how mind-blowingly stupid this trailer made me feel. I had to re-watch it to believe it. I thought I was hallucinating. IMDB's plot summary failed to help. I repeat failed to help. Seriously!?! Am I wrong --is this or is this not the most retarded (I should be scolded. I know.) mash-up of plot lines to be put in one trailer?

WTF is going on?


Dig said...

Wow, that was definitely strange.

sarah said...

I just like that an unknown cola ingredient happens to be the cause of all of these epic discoveries.

Dig said...

What? I thought it was common knowledge that unknown cola ingredients cause many discoveries.