Wednesday, May 07, 2008

"In your dreams babe"

Last night I fell asleep at 7 o'clock and woke up around 3-ish. No big deal. I went back to sleep around 5-ish. You'd think I'd be cranky. Truth is I needed that much sleep more than anybody. Yesterday, I was mentally off balance. I feel incredible this morning. I even made coffee. I never have time for that! Also, I'm feeling even more so fantastic because it's going to be above 80 today. Yeah, I'm trying to keep my composure. Anyway, try going the whole day with out having this song stuck in your head

"It's a Beautiful Morning"-Young Rascals

Lastly, since this news of my glorious morning may be a total bore to you (It really might be) check out Myron Macklin's artninjastudio. Tell me if you can't spot the portrait of Lyrics Born from a mile away?! It's great.



Robin said...

It IS a beautiful morning, and I regretted that my bike ride was so short! I just played the song 3 times! I am going to be in a comedy sketch tonight! I am excited! I am shouting!

Dig said...

Great song! Hope your day today is better than yesterday.

sarah said...

I DO feel better, thanks Dig. Also Robin first it was modeling the bags and you were a natural. But a comedy sketch?!? That's fantastic. What can't you do?

Cotton said...

this is the first day in 4 or 5 where it hasn't crept up to or past 100 degrees out here. I hate it.