Thursday, May 01, 2008

Night Pages Pt.1: This certainly ain't a regular thing

Every time spring rolls around I'm compelled to change something. This may take the form of being a more attentive friend, eating better, cutting my hair, catching up with an old friend, working on unfinished projects, busting out the sewing machine that hasn't hit daylight in a year etc. We've all got these to-do vows. Specifically, I'd like posting to be more of a regularity on here. This also means writing with less self-criticism. This will be tough and means letting it rip as much as possible. Though, the remains of "letting it rip" may just turn into a provocation of self-doubt and awkward confessions. It will feel unnatural at first. But isn't most change that way in the beginning? It's necessary. Anyway, I've warned you fairly.

Speaking of letting things rip. Nobody does it better than this guy.
Here's to cleaning up the stuff you meant to last year!
"I like it, I love it" -Lyrics Born
Snagged from insound.



Dig said...

You should post more. I know the dangers of "letting it rip", but in the end it's totally worth it.

Cotton said...


I didn't even know that he had a new one out until I was in the CD store yesterday selling a bunch of stuff back to them. Always nice to catch up with LB and Joyo...