Thursday, April 24, 2008

But, c'mon ttthhis guy?

Just when you thought the internet got too soul-crushingly boring and kneeing yourself in the face seemed like a better option than going on google one more time. Behold! Teen Wolf in pug form! Thanks, Idolator. Thanks, thanks for nothing but you guys are usual great. So it's alright.

A way better version of "You ain't seen nothing yet" -Yo La Tengo



Dig said...

You always seem to find the neatest stuff on the internet.

Cotton said...

I went out with a girl for years who had like 3 pugs and I was convinced that they hated me and would shoot daggers at me the second her back was turned.

to this day pugs freak me out.

Robin said...

This is humiliating for the dog. People should come up with better use of their time. I doubt the dog asked for it!