Saturday, April 12, 2008

'Nuff said

Fell asleep to some rain and thunder last night it was nice. Soothing. Not to further derail from the important post I had promised a couple of nights ago but I've been having nothing but an un-soothing time concentrating on one thing. Understandibly, I hope these songs make up for it, they couldn't suit my state any more.
"Brain Laxative"-Baby Walrus
"Aint got no home" -Clarence "Frogman" Henry Hey, a Lost Boys theme?
"Old shit/New shit (live)-Eels Exceptional. Thanks, D!
"Osidius the Empathetic"-Pomegranates
"Too weak to fight" -Clarence Carter


Dig said...

Your pomegranates link is busted. The rest are some good tunes though.

sarah said...

Thanks, I'll fix it tomorrow or something. Also, you're responsible for the eels track! WOO-HA!