Thursday, April 10, 2008


If there's time I'm going to post something later tonight (of course after The Office.) I've got a lot of writing/figuring out to do. It's sort of a big deal. For the time being I'll leave you with this link below.

The last three google images searches have led me to this unstoppable shrine of hilarity.


Dig said...

Is that where that "Fuck Y'all" image came from? Either way it's a funny site.

dean said...

You know I read that link wrong and I thought it said Hillary and confusion ensued.

sarah said...

Gaaaaaaaaaasp! Hillary scares me.

Cotton said...

I like that site.
pugs freak me out though.

Thought of you watching the Office last night. I don't know how they make each episode more uncomfortable than the last.

sarah said...

Oh, hell yeah they freak me out too but those drawings just get me every time.

Also, The Office was painful to watch last night but oh so, so great.