Wednesday, October 01, 2008

It's amazing what people remember when they're not trying

Since, we've been picking up other people's wireless Internet (ssshhh. we'll get our own soon. don't judge me.) it's been a tad discordant. Seemingly only when I want to use it. Bored and uninspired I wrote out a listicle* of trivial stuff I'm currently enjoying to the maxium.

Here the list of what kept me up last night (plus some more from today).

Fall 2008

all I could jangle:
-listening to rain in bed
-ordering club soda w/ a lime at a bar when not up for drinking (Good for quitting diet pepsi too).
-Avoiding television with the words "90210" in it. Really, just non-actively caring about all of the newish shows.
-Cleo Lane. Who the hell is she?
-Californication thanks to Lauren. No David Du is still not attractive to me despite his lovable fuck up character that I still sort of hate.
-Biking any chance I get. Yeah, I can now hold a drink and not ride into a ditch!
-Short sleeve hoodies. Is there a point? Hell, yes.
-Memorizing our world atlas shower curtain.
-The Bee's "Listening Man"
-Late 70's Cars.
-Drinking hot cocoa from our disgusting machine at work even though it's barely October.
-Burn After Reading
-Anything colored gold.
-Not getting past the notion that John McCain uses only his bottom lip to speak. Where are those top front teeth!?
-Figuring out the amount of rain now vs the summer's.
-Percy Sledge's Greatest Hits (on vinyl!!!!)
-Downtown Owl
-Making excuses not to go out every night especially Thursdays. I doubt I did that anyway.
-Using my 2.0 mega pixel camera phone as a regular camera.
-Not having an iPod anymore. Though that will change soon.
-cuarderno steno
-Thinking about painting an Obama portrait or at least drawing one. He's got such expressive features!
-Still watching but hating Entourage.
-Brushing up on my presidents. Quizzo needs me.
-Rethinking my future and honestly changing it for the better.
-New TVOTR track "Crying"
-Not giving a hoot about money.

Then I fell asleep to the rain last night. It was outstanding.

Yours truely,


*I stole the word listicle from


Dig said...

Listicle is going on the list of funny things I've read this week. Right under Bible Spice. Also you mentioning wanting to do a portrait of Obama made me think of this photo I saw of him giving a speech in the rain earlier this week. IT was pretty badass.

Now I am craving hot cocoa, damnit.

Cotton said...

man, I hate Duchovny, and I have no reason to. I can't even think of anything I've ever seen him in.

Rachel said...

Dudes, i totally feel you on the Entourage thing, so disappointed!!!

sarah said...

Raaaaaaaachel!!! The love bring a tear to my eye.

And Yeah, Entourage is going down in flames.

Also, I just reread my listicle and it's pretty queer (literally) and poorly written.