Thursday, October 16, 2008

What are those? Little snails??

My internet time has been limited these past few days at work/home. Previously, I had started and stopped a bazillion different posts. Unfortunately, all these have been interrupted and I forget where I was going with most of them. Instead here's a photo of my sweet little fang necklace that everyone has been talkin' about.

I found it interesting that this necklace prompted so many questions.


"Have you been watching True Blood?"
Actually, I saw the first episode. It wasn't that bad. Though, a bit pornographic for a series? Then again vampie's are pretty horny and it is showtime.

"What? What're those teeth? Cute."

My mom complements anything I wear but then asked "what is that?"

Lastly, most recently out to lunch with my department from work the waitress goes, "oooooh, I love your necklace!" Pauses "Are you a dentist?"

Anyway, I've only got about 5 minutes left.

Got to run!

1 comment:

Dig said...

The necklace looks good. Did somebody really ask if they were little snails?!?