Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Drink it in Ladies and Gents!!!

"I finally kicked my diet cola habit in my 20s, a good thing too, because scientists in Boston recently found that drinking one or more regular or diet sodas every day doubles your risk of metabolic syndrome-- combination of conditions that increase your chances of heart disease and diabetes. The exact culprit isn't completely understood, but it could be the caramel color added to colas and other dark sodas, which increased the risk for metabolic syndrome in animals. Experts also speculate that exposing your taste buds to the sweet fizzy flavor of soda conditions you to crave sugary foods, which can lead to weight gain. Whatever the reason, it's an easy enough habit to quit. Club soda (sodium free, of course) with a splash of juice satisfies the fizz craving with just enough sweetness. For a good alternative, try Sassy Water."

For an extremely long period, I'd say for about over a decade I've been hooked on Diet Pepsi. A direct result of belonging to a family that's been buying cases of it since 1994 and probably way before then. I could go on and on and ooooon about how much soda has effected my life. Some good came of it but mostly in negative ways. Sodium benzoate, anyone? This stuff is like crack to the ADHD brain. My parents were not advocates of coffee and as a kid neither was I. So we drank soda. Also, I can remember the one summer that my older brother spent entirely drinking nothing but Pepsi Kona's and Killer Shakes (he drank the shakes mostly). Both of these are so fucking gross! Though, It kept us up for hours playing Mario Kart. Anyway, for the life of me I couldn't understand why it took me so long to destroy this habit of drinking soda. Since I don't even like the taste of Pepsi. It just tastes like chemicals to me. What's even more baffling is that no one else in my family seems to have had this problem with soda but me.

My conclusion for always crawling back to these red-blue silver cans was always the craving for fizz. Carbonation!!!! Carbonation is what I crave. Before I read this article I've since switched to sodium free club soda, too. Good call. (whispers)Is this much better?

Anyway, this article is something I'd like to pass on, even though I think everyone already knows that drinking soda is bad. It's just a nice reminder. Here's the rest of the article.

Article Summary: Eat purple stuff and plop out babies by 25. Interesting? But no and no. Yes, to no more cola's.

I've come a loooong way.


Cotton said...

soda sometimes tastes like robot sweat.

Robin said...

Not to mention what it does to your TEETH. TEETH are very important to me. When I drink 1 soda, I can feel it on my TEETH. Ew. Maybe you should join a soda club, where you could get a carbonation system. I know someone I could put you in contact with, or you could just look out for those pyramid schemes people. We used to carbonate white grape juice, which is yummy!