Sunday, May 27, 2007

Weekend Thoughts

I have this supremely unavoidable trait of losing things. This has reoccurred through out my entire life. I know that I have to worry about losing goods (wallets specifically) whenever I go out to bars or parties. This drives me fucking nuts EVERY TIME for my wallet disappears quite often. This familiar fear is something I grab onto like a can of cola every time I head out the door. No possible preparation could avoid this. Believe me when I say that I've tried everything. B-b-Sarah didn't your Mother teach you the old stuffing your cash into your socks trick??? This is crazy and a terrible way to conduct going out. Several obvious problems pose with this 1. Forget about wearing heals or sandals!?!!? All you men could give a damn but in the summer time us ladies shall heavily dispute. I refuse to let my personal retardations dictate my choice of wardrobe 2. People get sincerely angry when you hand them hot, smelly cash drenched in the ripest of foot odors. I really don't have smelly feet but cash rubbing up against them for a few hours? I guarantee that they won't smell like soap either!?! Nothing good can come that. Also expect absolute disdain courtesy of your bartender and all your surrounding friends when you fork over these awfully pungent bills('Cause nobody like your stank ass). 3. Walking around with shit poking at your toes is far from comfortable. The magnitude of this shall cause nothing but anger for no real good reason. Furthering this I will then be savagely fixated on the fact that their is a hunk of paper irrating my foot. Nobody wants to witness a mid conversation lash-out over the junk in my shoe. Anyway, enough of this crazy talk. In conclusion to this endless supply of junk I've been pumping out onto this site, I've happily accepted this extremely irrating quality within myself.

Tomorrow I'll post something with links. This post was something to get the ball rolling.



Robin said...

Sounds like you need some kangaroos. I want some too, mostly for this reason.

Dig said...

The best part about losing things is finding them unexpectantly. . . or I should say I love finding things I never knew I lost in the first place.