Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Q & A

Numerous times I've griped about this in previous entries and I always come to the grand conclusion that it doesn't matter. It really shouldn't & I promise to let it go soon enough. It's just every now and then I get self-conscious about whether or not I should be posting with the little to no readers. NOTE: Those who do comment/read or even just read and don't comment are more than appreciated and I can't thank enough. Also, when I spread thehot poopto all of my friends I was surprised at how many friends reject blogs. Which to me is sort of funny, because the same friends who say, "blogs are lame" pretty much use and spend the time to be on myspace. Which is okay, but kind of confusing. I find sites like this much more interesting because they are about something slightly more specific. Still pondering this I decided to take it to the streets (by streets I mean discussion groups on blogspot) to bury it for once and for all. And I was surprised to get answered so quickly. Now, I understand that the content & creativity shouldn't parallel itself with the amount of readers. You can't manufacture blog popularity which isn't really why I ask or what I care about. Again,I tamper obessessively about these types of things. I've just been curious.

What can I say, can't I be curious??

Q&Aposted late last night.

Also Thank You, to those who responded on the discussion board. Your feedback was highly appreciated and helpful. I'll be sure to check out your blogs as well.


Dig said...

Readers are over-rated.

Kelly said...

You are really not retardedly weird I swear. I've only made two entries with no comments and it's starting to freak me out. I wonder if anybody is ever going to look at my blog. i kind of considered not worrying about it but it still bothers me that no one responds. I think maybe we should write about something really bold in our blog. What do you think?

sarah said...

Except that they're awesome.And by over-rated you mean very, very under-rated because they're awesome.

And Kelly thank you for your insight. I'll sure to see what you got cookin' on your page.

Robin said...

I see you're getting serious. I should too. I will write something while I'm in Oregon. And post it on my page. Seriously.

sarah said...

Robin, please do!

Dig, I just reread what I wrote and realized how rude that might have come off. Yikes, my bad.

Dig said...

No appologies needed. I totally saw the joke and whatnot. No worries, it's all good.