Thursday, May 31, 2007

By the Power of Snails

The weather as of lately is fit for wearing inappropriately tiny shorts like these bad larry's. In regard to the link. Wow, I know Henry, it's hot but throw on a damned shirt for christs sakes! You've got guests. Summer is around the corner and that's why I take solace in sticking my snaggle rocks (code for deranged toes) into cooler waters. Every year I compose a Summer 'to do' list. I haven't made mine yet this year (I still have time) but I already know that I've vowed to take more photos. Expect some frequent flickr updates, I'll try to keep 'em fresh by editing them. Speaking of Summer agendas, who wants to see Ocean's 13?!? The media destroyed the sequel including those who made the movie by deeming it unacceptable in comparison to the first & original. So why see the third? Well, aside from the fact that the second was not the heist film we all remember from the first that followed in the footsteps of the 1960's original it goes unnoticed that the sequel was filled with bits of humor & total demise that the first one in my opinion didn't have. Plus it was like watching an international thieve off between talented crooks backed with some seriously awesome hip-hop/garage induced freak beats. If that doesn't sell you in seeing the third? According to an article the directors believe this one to be the finale they intended to make in place of no.2's disaster(said article has since disappeared from my memory). So come on folks! See this movie with me even though most of the actors are tired of making these goddamn films! George Clooney believes he will be too old for the next one. If I understand correctly Ocean's 13 is intended to be the last of them. I'll drop it for now but seriously. For me?

I was a tad hesitant (as I always am) to post another song on here because I know ya'll don't download from this site. I see the numbers!?!!?! Honestly, that wasn't a target against anyone. Cross my heart. It's no big deal. Really, I understand the cornucopia of reasons not to plus attention spans tend to run wild on the Internet. I'm the first to admit to an occasional melt down when sites unexpectedly time out, partly because my computer runs on snails. Hey, lay off my ancient computer and those snails. They're diligently working to keep my computer alive. Back to the song I am about post; The last time I listened to Kings of Leon I was miserably beginning my sophomore year of College. The vocals on Youth & Young Manhood made me feel weirdly uncomfortable (I mean c'mon it was hard for me to decipher whether this shit was awesome or totally off the wagon of cheese) but the music jangled on making the songs more than listenable. Three years + pass & nothing really stuck. As always I just couldn't keep with the whirlwind of everything else being put out. As I sat in my car last night data entering work (my job actually gave my clumsy ass a laptop!?!?) and this gem of a song playd on 88.5. I'm glad I still listen to radio for these reasons! It was one of those moments when you stop working, gaze up and realize what is this? And why is my stomach toiling with absolute delighted excitement? First off, I hope these excited nipple-ly moments happen to everyone when their ears are over-powered by the goodness of sound. It was then that I realized a band I had not bothered to check up on had come out with something new
& judging by this song pretty fantastical.

Enjoy Kings of Leon -On Call. I don't mean to over use the term sexy but the bass line couldn't be more so.


Dig said...

I've heard that Ocean's 13 is actually going to be alot better then 12.

I check out your songs all the time, and I think ear-gasms are common knowledge.

Robin said...

I love pictures of toes (if they're cute). And that's not just some weird-thing. I don't have a foot fetish, just think toes are cute. The word and the toes (if they're cute). If you do sign up on myspace, you can see my toes twice. Twice toes. And read my blog that I actually update more than my blogspot one. I LOVE MY HAIRCUT! THANK YOU!

Anonymous said...

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