Friday, April 06, 2007

Those look like lady pants

I was excited to see The Office return from its 5 week vacation. The episodes have been getting so much better. There have been some crazed, uninhibited making out in the office in the best way possible. BUT, all social hullabaloo aside I'm losing faith with something here. Although, Jim/Pam owe it to themselves to be happy. I hate to say this I'm bored with Jim & Pam. I found an interesting Jenna Fischer article here concerning the fate of the two. It's 3 pages. I understand this gets timing consuming. So I cut to page two and if you scroll down to paragraph 6 you'll see the precise paragraph referencing the two. Anyway, I question whether or not the show has blown its fuse with that part of the story. I'm bitter, what can I say? I think it's getting further, and further away from its destiny. This could be a good thing? I like where Jan/Michael are taking it. Jan and her ever increasingly obvious sex addiction probably makes her one of the most surprising and funny cast members. So kudos to that.

Moving on. Above is a picture of Adam Horovitz (aka King ADRock, Beastie Boys) on the cover of Spin. Every time I glance at this picture I fall in love. And speaking of love his long-time relationship with Kathleen Hanna (Bikini Kill, Julie Ruin, LeTigre) has now been made official. They tied the knot over the summer of 2006! I am completely blown away that I didn't find out sooner. Had I not been living underneath a boulder. Or eating three meals a day in a cave -I would have noticed that two of my favorite artists (growing up) were making things right. I also think it's crazy that Adrock was previously married to this dame. Where the fuck was I?!?! I had known about Kathleen Hanna for the good part of the decade but the Say Anything priestess!?!

Oh, well.

Who gives a shit these days?


Dig said...

Last nights episode of the office was awesome. Whatever happens in the future of that show is sure to be awesome.

sarah said...


Cotton said...

oh yeah, he and Ione were married up until right after Ill Communication or so. I remember reading an article where she was smoking pot in their studios and thinking "but she's going to England!!!!"

Robin said...

Yes, Adam is spankaliciouss. And he's wearing an Animal Liberation Organization t-shirt. I just discovered I like them. Double reason to want to squeeze him!