Sunday, January 07, 2007


alright, I meant to draw lions but I could only find a book on bears at the bookstore. Talk about some shit. I'm feeling a tad down today. I think it's the shitty ass winter. I left the bookstore forgetting what time it was. As I realized this I came up with a short list. It pertains to my long visit and the feeling that a person stayed too too long in a Barnes & Noble (GASP!)don't worry I buy almost everything off of Amazon's new, used section..

1. People will use the bathroom more than once (my case twice).

2. The weather has changed significantly upon departure. It may be raining heavily, or much colder than you remember.

3. The people on their shift have left and gone long ago.

4. You've managed to memorize the photography and artbook section. There is no further need to browse because it's mentally stored.

5. You've read all the music magazine of the month/season.

6. When ordering your usual cafe drink a slight disorienting sensation may occur. This involves forgetting the name of your drink or bumping into shelves by the condiment bar. Usually this is caused by weirdlighting. And momentarily this will not seem odd or embarrassing.

7. You're convinced that everyone in the store has seen you do a lap at least 5 times.

8. You have not a clue as to where you parked.

ah sheebaa, shabby it's time for me to stew in my personal aggravated state. I just can't help that cold weather, and boredom cause this. BAH, whatev.

People will eventually love me again when I am awesome.

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Dig said...

That's a pretty good bear. It reminds me of those coke-a-cola polar bears. Also don't get yourself too down. At least you got out of your house to do something you enjoy. Which is more than I managed this weekend.