Sunday, March 18, 2007

Mental Ruts Need Pushing...

Yikes, I've been cleaning all day. SPRING CLEANING that is. I almost got a nose bleed from scrubbing the shower AND It took the rest of the day to get that smell off my palms. Try eating chinese food with that stink on your hands?!? GAAAAHHH! I went totally Danny Tanner on everyone today (with my cleaning), and I'm not even sure why? I think it's best to make over your surroundings in the summer. It probably has something to do with my inability to control my current state of fear that I will fail & forever be unemployed! More importantly the thought of giving up the will to do something creative with my life. Or maybe it was that my computer today has become about as useful to me as black leather pants in the desert (or at all). I'm fed up with the job search, I've been making lists to center some form of rational form of focus. Which helps. I guess. Whatever, probably not.

This blog is not meant to center around my job negativity. Please, please forgive me for its comes off that way. In fact, I'm writing out of inspiration and not defeat. And I need to give my self some rest. My biggest question of the moment is how does one truely become focused when we're distracted with so many seemingly useful inventions?

Oh, and BTW reading famous people's achievements before they even reach 23 is a definite mistake before you decide to breeze through the classifieds on a Sunday.

Here's a liste of links to since sometimes to get us through the days (I know I do)we need these types of distraction...

- I've been researching the movie Teen Wolf for a t-shirt design and I've stumbled upon some pretty crazy stuff one of which by an artist named Heiko Muller and the other a K-9 that haunts my dreams.

- Disclaimer: This link contains frontal nudity, HEY I warned you!!! It actually the least interesting portion. Anyway, "The Naked Guy" from the movie PCU is actually based on a real person named
Andrew Martinez. Weird? And yet a captivating read.

- She throws up on stage (So I've read)and has battled some depression. Snarky like the rest of them in her genre Amy Winehouse has some pipes! Although, I'm whole heartedly sure how I feel about her. To be honest my expectations were very, very low. For one reason or another she was a tad off putting in a way that annoyed me. When I finally listened. I was expecting shit on stick but I got a chocolate covered banana!

-Check out Heiko Muller page!

-Although, I haven't committed myself to finishing this it made me chuckle.

Good Night Everyone!


Dig said...

You always have the most random links, and most of the bands you showcase seem to come from the UK.
Ironically I decided I had to clean this morning after waking up and hopping out of bed straight onto a CD case. Hopefully it was empty at the time I didn't check.

Cotton said...