Thursday, July 05, 2007

You're smart. I like you. I'll probably give you a nickname

Why do we need another shopping center on Baltimore Pike? It's already over-crowded with a crapola of redundancy that further deteriorate land with stores, that only encourage all us not to go to Delaware to shop. Do we really need another Target, Acme, & Home Depot? When you can find all three of these within a 5 mile radius? Much land is being wasted at it's cost which of course infuriates the living shit out of me. Plus, if you're going to build such a mondo shopping center instead of sitting it across from Briton Lake, we all know that the Granite Run Mall could use a little revamping!?! To put it nicely that place is an unrestricted dump of generic stores that we've never heard of. This topic was long overdue, but as I drove past this site the other day I wanted to scream at its nod of future decadence. Not to mention Baltimore Pike is extending a lane to make room for this awful pit of commerce!?!? Awful.

Anyway, I've been meaning to post sooner but I've been tired, and busy. I've been writing in a spiral bound note book frequently during lunch hour mainly for the sake of sanity and also in the hopes to generate some new ideas for this blog. Unfortunately, my intentions fell short and none of which written on paper has made it onto this site. The reason? My guess is laziness? Or Maybe I have a hard time reiterating "the over-zealous bees cut through the air like machetes" -this urges some reconsideration. Okay, okay that was just a kewl line needless to say momentary writing is always questionable at a later date for me. Though, that's not to say its not valuable. Some of the best writing comes from unexpected moments. Speaking, of moments I've been reading Redemption Song every second I get. Its whooping 640 pages will be savored, and I almost want to take my time finishing it because it's that outstanding. Though, I've been reading it at a snails pace due to unrelenting workload. I've passed the first quarter of the book following his childhood and into early adult-hood. So far the book has chronicled Joe Strummer's earnest attempts at becoming a musician long before he hit a magnitude of success with The Clash. From what I've gathered Joe Strummer was quite the Casanova with the ladies (no surprise there), though he seemed to fall in love quickly he could truly be friends with women. Women seemed to trust his outgoing nature. Strummer had several close female friendships one of which included him marrying a friend solely so she could gain citizenship. This level of warmth blew mind and also saddened me to know that such a person no longer exists. Hands down, this book has been worth every penny. READ THIS, I don't care if I haven't finished it yet, that's just the nature of two jobs getting in the way. DO IT.

Also, check out these For more in podcasts: Redemption Song: The Ballad of Joe Stummer.

I must sleep.

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Dig said...

The phrase "the over-zealous bees cut through the air like machetes" shoud be re-iterated as often as humanly possible. It's just that awesome.