Monday, June 18, 2007

I feel like chucking boulders.

I've been nothing but busy lately. Eventually I'll work back into a regular writing rhythm. It's just I'm working two jobs and everyday my future suddenly changes. Particularly surrounding living situations. I hate this. My friend is ready to cut off our friendship because I decided not to move in with her. Could it get worse? Probably, but this really sucks.

PS- No seriously, this rock contains a speaker for music listening. Judas Priest! My parents are crraaazy for buying this.


Robin said...

But don't you feel like screaming?

Dig said...

Two jobs is crazy. Hope ya don't lose your friend for not moving in with em. That would suck.

That rock/speaker is quite snazzy.

Cotton said...

I got a phone call today telling me I got that job literally 2 minutes after I got your message. So I owe you large.

Don't chuck boulders. But yeah, we could all stand to listen to a little more Judas Priest.