Monday, June 04, 2007

"like putty in your clever, sexy little hands"

I know, I know this is loooong overdue but the Beastie Boys are releasing a full-length instrumental album set to come out June 26Th!!! When SPIN was covering this in April and pretty all of the music blogs that diligently noted its release in May, I was too, too busy chasing lady pants as well as being captivated by the dreamy AD Rock and his loyal courtship with Kathleen to even notice!!!! As some may be underwhelmed by an instrumental release, or if you're disenchanted with the Beastie enterprise altogether DON'T BE!! Get ready to be perplexed with amazement because the Beasties are blowing off their monitor screens for instruments! Much of the album is filled with influences from the likes of Gang of Four, & The Slits.

Listen to it here. Or better yet watch & listen to it on their very own website.

Pre-order here.

PS- Like the Beastie Boys I'm taking a break from the glowing drone of computers this means I won't be posting. Miss me already? We'll don't be because expect some awesomeness when I get back from my much needed vacation roughly lasting 2 weeks.


Dig said...

The new BB sounds pretty neat, I swear from the 2-minute mark to the 3-minute mark it reminded me of the Bennevento/Russo Duo.

Also, how is this two-week break different from all the other two-week breaks? Other than the warning that is. Just kidding. Have a great vacate.

Getty72 said...

Great post.....great blog!! I like your style.

Have a super break!!

sarah said...
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