Wednesday, September 19, 2007

John Krasinski's Humbled Beginning & My Recent Whereabouts!

Preface: I've been combing the Internet dry of all its possible job resources.

Today when a seemingly wonderful opportunity presented itself through an e-mail I was kind of delighted. I received the e-mail at exactly 12:36pm to meet with a person on a Tuesday at 1pm. Whaaaa??? I can’t make that. Confused on whether this was today or next Tuesday (there was no date listed). I responded asking for further details. Of course it was for today. Oh, well. I thought you snooze, you lose. No big deal but to my surprise this art internship would like to meet with me tomorrow at 11am in Philadelphia.

Here’s my qualm of the century. They have zero samples of my work but only a resume and a cover letter. I'm also supposed to meet with a team of "Film Producer" types that I've never spoken to or met in my entire life to discuss promoting and possibly creating movie posters for a film I've also never seen? This is what I know about the film, it is an independent horror/comedy. I have no idea what I should do with this! It all seems logical until somebody gets hurt. What if they expect me to be a some sort of professional when I'm actually rudimentary at every Adobe program. What is they are not professionals? Not to be judgemental but they could be a bunch of crazed, lonely, bearded freaks --who lock themselves in basements at nights?! This smells like a scam and has every shade of wrong stamped all over it. Plus, it could be a porno. What if it's a PORNO!!! Dear, God! I'm getting ulcers thinking about this convoy leading toward disaster. I've biten off more than I can chew. Also, I'm totally hamming this up to be a big deal. I can just say no. Jeez, there is no need to be dramatic.

HELP ME?! I KNOW. I’ll help myself by sitting this one out.

Where. Do. I. Begin?

More importantly what if I only spoke in one word sentences? How bad would you want to slap me in the face?! There's too much to write about and goddamnit, I want to tell you all about it. Unfortunately, I just can't. It would be tough to cram it all into one entry.

First, I'M MOVING OUT October 1st!! It's official. My waiting to exhale moment has finally arrived (Hmpf, I'm amazed and terrified that I just typed that). After 3… no… possibly… 4 years the day has arrived. No more lazy nights at home groaning at my poor bastard self. I had school as an excuse & an anchor of self-doubt keeping me home but I'll save that 300 page story for another day. Many 23 year-olds would be excited. I, am but on the other hand am more scared than excited at the moment. I will say that once I'm settled the excitement will set in and I will probably drink way too much to sooth my homesick nerves. Just kidding. No, really I probably won't have enough money to afford a drink. Plus, that is crazy talk.

Speaking, of money about a month ago on vacation (retarded fun, BTW) I broke my beloved Canon. In my normal clumsy fashion I allowed my camera to fall from the couch cushions onto the rug dropping approx 2 feet. This makes no.2 on my busted camera list BOTH occurring in California. This will cost more than a brand new one to fix. Yikes, I have no idea when I'll be posting new photos. I have to cheer myself up by telling myself I can always dig into the archives for old ones.

Lastly, I got this wonderful photo here. I know, I can't wait for Season 4 either!

Good Night, Everybody.

PS-I planned on posting sooner. This post is dedicated to Robin. She left me a comment earlier today demanding a new post!! It not only cheered me up but I knew damn well that she meant business.


Dig said...

On behalf of bearded freaks everywhere . . . congrats on the move!

Robin said...

Firstly, you should take the chance. Just go, and you can always say no if it seems more fishy when you are there. You can always tell them you'll do the best you can, and that you have no experience. Def. go to the intern thing!!!!
Secondly, as I said on the phone, "Congratulations!" Now you can be as messy as you want and eat anything you want for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. That means nachos.
Lastly, "The Office" season finale from last season is on tonight. I know, because you told me. I am watching, hopefully!