Sunday, December 17, 2006

Sarcasm and the Killer Elephant

Or some chubby kid in a jumper will (whose had waaay too much kool-aid and will also kick you in your damned shins).

PS- Apparantly they've just reported a killer Elephant who has been put to sleep. What's the deal?


Dig said...

I like that pic. It would make a neat poster. Are you speaking from personal experience? About the kool-aid that is.

P.S.- That is messed up. It wasn't a local elephant was it?

Robin said...

I dig your surliness. Again, I hear ya, sister.

That elephant is the "alleged" killer of many people, I think 4 in the past month. The thing is, the experts there think it may have been the wrong one. AND elephants from that elephants herd stomped a bunch of shacks in revenge. That would make such a great story. "Revenge of the elephants." Apparently, that happens.

sarah said...


Thank you. And no, a chubby kid never kicked me in the shins before.


The wrong one?!? Oh, no. I just freaked out when I saw a headline "Killer Elephant is Put TO Sleep". I've had been drawing a lot of elephants lately so I was shocked.

Dig said...

There are alot of uses of the word "dig" in this comment section. haha.

The elephant story continues to be messed up, but "revenge of the elephants" made me giggle.