Monday, December 18, 2006

Majestic Hot Pants

My dog thinks he's king shit but whatever he's allowed to hog my computer for sheer cuteness alone. I read up on 'Osama' the allegid killer elephant. I'm sure I'm too late to reiterate the deatails by now everyone has heard the news. If anyone has been left in the dark and is still curious google killer elephant and you will find more than enough coverage. I'm extremely tired and I think the linking on this site is obtuse. My html writing from scratch never surpasses the publish post anyway. BLAST. And speaking of that word, "majestic hot pants" are a BLAST. Well, you could only imagine. I actually have no fucking (my fruit roll up tab is thickening) clue is to what it's really about. I found this written on a sheet of computer paper next to my keyboard. I have a profuse tendency to jot down stuff I read and hear that I feel will suit my humor for a later date . It never makes sense after. Unless its truely recognizable and most of the time I wouldn't have to write that down. The soul purpose of the jot down as you all know isthat you won't forget. Moving on, I'm ridiculously worn out from plugging away with all things school/work related. I would like to spend this year traveling, and doing something truely motivational. Maybe, I'll move to Charleston and cut lawns for a living. And then quite cutting lawns because it sucks and start a two piece band. Sound familiar? Wait a second I'm not from Ohio? And I don't have "a friend in Akron, who used the term "black keys" to describe things he disliked or people he did not trust". THE BLACK KEYS!!! AHHHH!! The Black Keys and their triumpant start-up will always amaze me. Anyway, I'm actually proud of how I've been going about things. For example, I'm asked to work over-over time because we're short staffed for the holidays. And for the 17th time people have "claimed" to be sick or in a car accident. How many cars do these people own? They could be telling the truth this in turn makes me a jerkasaurus. But if its not that, its some other redonk horse shit of a reason not to come in. And while I feel a tad bad for saying no, I can't force myself to work 50 hours a week breaking my batoot over unecessary endevors. I guess Wwhat's really changed here is that I can say no, and not feel bad. I can also say that its wildly stupid to have people come in and help out on the wrong days. And it's not just work either, people tend to take advantage of the do gooders (not referring to myself) of the world. And I hate that. People can be self-absorbed, especially that person in the couple who makes you do all the work. Oh, God do I loath these people. BTW, despite that people are crazed andI'm ridiculously relieved to exercise the funness in saying no to things. This means that I am literally a better person. And figuratively speaking I am not all wound up like a packaged party favor ready to be used a t therelaxation of others. Anyway, it's important to remember your not an asshole for not being 110% available. JUST SAY NO it's awesome, trust me. Again people are deserving of good things.

ps- Osama was immune to firecrackers??? Dear God, that is terrifying.

pps-Elephants being shot is absolutely the least funny thing to me along with several dying. And I don't think it's a laughing matter whatsoever but I will admit and take the fall for chuckling at thought of an elephant refusing a firecracker.

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Dig said...

Your puppy is hella cute, and no longer attacking your camera.I jot stuff down from time to time as well. But I end up losing whatever it was I jotted stuff on. Sounds like your still working alot, at least your almost done with that.