Thursday, December 07, 2006

2 things on my Thursday night agenda

-The Office

- Cecil B. Demented

PS. About 4 times this week I've heard the word tall mistaken for large. People, Tall drinks are not Large drinks. Although large drinks are rather tall they indeed are not titled tall (because that means small). These people probably go into cafes every week making the same mistake.


Dig said...

Isn't that am old design?

I make that mistake everytime I order coffee from a cafe. I always end up tounge tied. "Can I get a lar-I mean tall coffee."

sarah said...

Sort of. And as far as cafe's go trust me on this one just say, "large" when in doubt or not? I don't know.

PS. THE OFFICE WASN'T ON! Conan however appeared on 30rock.

Dig said...

I'll keep that advice in mind.

Ps> I know it wasn't I sent you an email saying so. On the plus side next week is an hour long office.

Anonymous said...

uh! Although I saw a great band tonight, I just realized that I missed the Office!! Uh-oh!
Skidmarks, ew. You reminded me of a conversation I had tonight about a disgusting women's restroom with blood and shit on the walls.

You heard me - I want to use fuck more in daily conversation. Oh, I haven't been so successful at that. I should make it more of a priority.

ALSO, i love the shirt with the tapes on it.

ALso, tall is "Starbucks speak" which should be banned from your cafe. In normal society, every other eating establishment goes by small, medium, and large. why try so hard to be unusual and difficult, Starbucks? It just confuses people and therefore annoys baristas and coffee shop workers in every other place. Robin