Thursday, December 14, 2006

Michael Scott Gets Dumped.

The lines drawn on this are a tad off and the fact that Conan only has one ear or that his hand is under developed should go with out saying that it pisses me off entirely waaay, way to much at the moment. B-b-but here's the juice I don't give a rooty-tootskins about fixing it.

That's right I typed rooty-tootskins. I promised you allorginals, damnit. For some unknowing reason I insist upon mentally linking the tiny gold spinning Rumpelstiltskins with other words. Maybe because rumpel is a hard word to resist but can rarely if ever be used in every day conversation. And for some reason I always, always rememeber the conversation Adam Sandler has in Big Daddy (which I sort of hated) with the little boy on the playground about alcohol. Adam questions rum and the little boy responds "Rum WHO? Rumpelstiltskins?!" I get that line stuck in my head about 3 times a week. And I haven't seen that movie in a couople of years.

The Office is on tonight for 1 wholesweet hour of justice. I am excited, aren't you? Aside from that excitement on an entirely different note I've been thinking about how I loath Coach purses. Maybe that's because they are over priced and absolutely made for filthy rich woman (whom spend the majority of days lunching and shopping). Just recently I complemented a woman on her purse she said, "who do you think its by?" I peer in alittle closer and I see lambs. Obviously. it was from Gewn Stefani's L.A.M.B collection. A collection that I never liked. But this was an exception and I felt it deserved an applaud for whatever reason. Without asking further (I no longer careat this point) nor feel the need the details about it . She blurts otit was only $550. Wha? Oh, thats not bad, right? Fuck that (thats one more fruit roll up I owe, everyone). And good god dropping that kind of cash on something entirely unecessary. I was actually embaressed (for her) when she told me that. I understand spending a lot of money on items serving a purpose or even its absolutely pointless and for shear entertainment. But its under the circumstances that you've worked hard and would use and cherish these itmes until they're holy unrecognizable shards of matter. I am the first to encourage this. My CD collection unecessary as it is gets larger every week. I get it people enjoy "things".

What I cannot understand is a constant need to flaunt wealth. If you've noticedhow clothing companies recreate wardrobes to give us the illusion that we're all just a bunch of bored millionares (ie. gigantic sunglasses, designers jeans with stilletos). Rudi Gernreich was the first to use designer jeans in the 50's and 60's but it was consirdered revolutionary to create futuristic and some what over top wealthy pieces. 4-5 Decades later it is now a staple of youths wardrobes and 11 year olds are tugging at Mom purse straps to buy them $150 jeans?? But before I go off a rant about spoiled kids and the idoot parents that recycle this (back to purses) I'm pretty damn sick of people sporting Coach purses and the likes of. They cost more than some people's rent. They're ugly and people need to reconsider what is says about them. That is of course they're retardedly insecure. I apologize to anyone that I like, who may already own one of these purse. You're probably good people (kidding).

The Office is on and I've been editing in between comercials. I must go!

ps- I have full intentions of posting something better than a conversation I had with myself about purses today. It's just I've seen an overwhelming amount of young and old championing these monstrosities.

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Dig said...

I was about to post about your double posting skills again. How do you keep ending up doin that? But you fixed it as I was working magic elsewhere. The office was awesome tonight. What's a coach purse? I agree though $550 is way to much for something like a purse.