Thursday, December 21, 2006

In light of television...

Okay, I know I promised originals but lets face it folks who has time when you work 40+ hours a week. I do have a bunch of stuff I could post but I would like to work on some new stuff. So in that regard in the near future expect some t-rex's playing guitars, a drugged up Adrien Grenier, and maybe some c-c-crazy elephants. I may just scratch all of those and come up with something else. Anyway, Pigman is sitting in front of the tv working on his senior thesis. It's suiting to my current state because I've been stay in bed sick the last few days but have had to come into work, and then when I'm done I zonk out in front of the TV like PM . For those left in the dark about Pigman let me bring you up to speed. A little back story on Pigman ( Jody Racicot) was at the time he had only appeared in a film called TekWar: TekLab and for PCU he walked in as extra because he was living in Canada. They referred to him as one of those non-actor actors. And I believe on his t-shirt he has tiny manual lawn mowers which cracks me up everytime I look at it. And as he's watching the tv (almost the entire movie) if you've ever wondered why they don't show blips from the Hackman/Caine movies? It's because that damned Gene Hackman thought they were making a mockery of his acting career?!? Psh, actors and there gigantic egos.

Anyway, New Years is coming up and I've been conjuring up a playlist and for some reason I always think of The Specials during the winter. A good New Years song would be Enjoy yourself (it's later than you think) and little bitch as far pre midnight and then maybe Friday night, Saturday morning post midnight. I can't really think of a logical reason as to why I pick The Specials during winter other than its routy crowded room party music. Anyway, I'll come up with a something better come closer to the end of the month. Maybe, Parliament is better?

edit*** I'm far too lazy to fix the typos, run on sentences and likes of any error. DEAL WITH IT.

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Dig said...

Ouch. Sucks your sick, but that seems to be going around. Get better soon! And post some guitar playing t-rexes. Parliment is good anytime.