Wednesday, December 06, 2006

A Chatou for Your Boredom

These are all very short sketches, that are mostly half-assed doodles. Nothing too snazzy, Most of them were done in front of the tv while I was watching Kiss Kiss Bang Bang last night. A wildly entertaining movie when you have no idea what you're getting into. All of a sudden you're watching a villian get shot through Val Kilmers pants?? And then Val Kilmer says, "Homophobes never look down there." I'm thinking what the fuck is Val Kilmer doing with a tiny pistol in his crotchal region in the first place. I guess when its time to kill a homophobe. Oh well, I may never know.

Changing the subject again, but by now I hope everyone isn't thoroughly annoyed with my posting. I like the idea of a sketchblog. And here is a brief description -The top sketch is a duplicate of many other ideas out there. Which goes with out saying that it is a completly unorginal idea. I take no credit whatsoever -However, shape creatures are ridiculously enjoyable to sketch with a prisma marker. Everyone should buy these markers, they're about as fun as a bottle of tequila on a piping hot night in July! And yes, I've got tiny freckles on my nose above, the cartoon version is much sexier than in real life. I kid myself, but whatever I'm alright. And in the middle I threw in a Kyp Malone for everyone in need of some TVOTR regalement!

ps- I realize that posting sketches all of the time is self-indulgent and I promise I will not bore you with this daily.

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Dig said...

The skethblog is an awesome idea. I particularly like the t-rex. The marker ones are cool too, I think the one looks like a space-grirafe.

P.S. I know it's a few blogs late, but get smart rocks. Also, you like about the freckles.