Monday, December 11, 2006

Money is a joyless skid mark

Am I right folks? I dare hear somebody refuse this because skid marks are ungodly especially around the Holidays. Oh, and money sucks too. Speaking of money, I have a mondo credit card bill to pay (which thankfully will be met but leaves me with a nickle to my name) and a cellphone bill. There are also some gigantic upgrades in my life that are sooner than later becoming a reality and funds for this trip I'm taking are still a tad foggy -as are pretty much everything else money related. Let's drop the details of my wusso money gripe because I could honestly give a rooty toot about alll things paper and green. I'm not complaining. I'm still quiting my job regardlesss of all the nay sayers: "FUCK THAT" is what I say. I know real mature Sarah. Cursing away the future is not a solution but neither is that job. I'm kidding, Let it be known that by no means am I saying that I think I am better than this job. Because it takes the patience of a saint and the organization of a Martha Stewart. And require a certain kind of talent and I tip my hat off to those doing the same thing. Wait but let me interject -what I meant to say that everyone should be fully capable of doing something they love if it were up to me everyone deserving would be working their dream jobs and not in cafes. Unless they wanted to work in cafes. Which in my case for about 2 years was where I wanted to be. Although the experience I had at the other store was absolutley by far my favorite job its a shame this one is not. Even if I wanted to stay, unfortunately it cannot afford bills that need to be paid. A day or two solo never killed anyone. If Indiana Jones could make due with a collapsing bridge cut by a pack of scantily clad loin-cloth, machete totin', heart eating cannibals it's probable that I'll live with out it. But back to skid marks, wait.... forget skid marks. But let's talk pants where skid marks hang out. All day I've been listening to Romanowski's Party In My Pants its about as jaunty as Tito Jackson's grin. And we all know Tito likes to smile. If anyone has time download Strudel Strut!

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Dig said...

Where did the skidmark conversation come from? What's the Strudel Strut? A song, an album, a stange mystifying dance performed be the pilsbury dough boy? So many questions, so few answers.