Saturday, December 23, 2006

Can't this wait until next year?

ugh, my first day to sleep in, in a very long time and I only sleep till 9:45am??? Oh that's right last night was spent dreaming bizarro stuff, blowing my nose on a t-shirt near by (gross, had a realized I was doing this I would have stopped but I am heavily medicated and not awake at 3am) and banging my head against the head board (accidently). And by headboard I mean tasteless metal futon couch arm. I HATE Futons. I use to have a waterbed. I hate those too.

My Mom actually forced me to buy a bed in highschool when my waterbed started to stink and I threw it out without anyone knowing. I think I went an entire month bedless and probably still wouldn't have had a bed had my Mom said, "your not going anywhere until we get you a bed". Real cool, I know.

I hope by tomorrow I am a normal functioning member of society. I haven't been this sick in a while. Damn you, Lauren. I'm supposed to finish my Christmas shopping today. But I have no idea if I have the will to set foot behind a vehicle. And I've always wondered something, can a dog catch a human cold?? I was worried I would get Danny sick but as he plumped himself on the couch with me. He just wouldn't move.

Oh, and the movie Roadhouse, is probably the single trashiest movie I chose to set eyes on. I'm watching this with my Dad (unwillingly, I might add) and as soon as one of the "loyal" bouncers get caught in the closet with another woman. I AM OUT OF HERE. I seriously got up and left. I always forget that movies from the 70's and 80's have a much raunchier taste. Caddyshack anyone?

Anyway, being this sick sucks.

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Dig said...

Dang, sounds like your cold is beating the snot out of you. (quite literally even. ha ha) Hope you get better by tommorrow too, being all sick and drugged up is no way to spend the holidays!