Monday, November 20, 2006


I had a kazillion different harangues to cry about concerning my trip being cancelled, work sucking, my social circle slowly shrinking and my spanish class being a train wreck for ungrade related reasons but I'd rather take a hot steaming crap and let it stew in pants for 12 hours than speak another word of it. Alright, with that being said that is a nast-tay drastic action further more typing nast-tay is is just wrong. Well thats gross unfunny comedy for ya.

On some good news I may be earning a couple extra bucks doing some t-shirts. Which would make me happy for little or no money. I have no idea though. In fact, forget that I don't want this it to backfire like before. Although failing is better than never trying. All I know is that last night in the midst of a deadline I drank too cups of coffee and some how I felt like I was stung by tranquilizers fit for a pack of routy elephants.

Last night a quarter past midnight my exact thoughts were: "I'm off tomorrow, let's start rocking some shit" -code for get work done . And on the second cup I found it absolutely necessary to drop everything for an exchange of instant zz's or I'd lose my mind. It wasn't your normal I'm tired, I better go to bed. It was one of those nights where you stumble into bed with your shoes on unaware of how you got there. And prior to this zombified state the only real explanation may be the result of working 20 hours a day for weeks on end or maybe spending an entire week binge drinking and after 168 hours of boozy sleeplessness (??) can really justify this seemingly momentary narcoleptic fit. Last night I did neither one of those. I have no idea what happened and it is rare for someone like me who can't get to sleep half the time.

Nevertheless on an entirely different note the year is closing and I always start to think of the year as a whole. Was it good/bad? What happened? Was the first six months better than the last six months? What important events occurrred? What were my favorite movies/music? Did I met anybody worth mentioning?All of these questions usually start around this time every year. It's been an unsteady year for everyone . To say the least it hasn't been easy but sometimes its all worth it. I realize this is an entirey vague conversation that probably only makes sense to myself and seems kind of half-assed. I get it. The point beyond all of this insanity is to keep your head above water. With all of the political hoopla flooding the airwaves, or the endless amount of fascination given toward celebrities who for the most part could be living on neptune and it wouldn't make a difference in our every day lives is something that we should all take into consideration. Sometimes you just have to say am I really concerned about the honky dury lives of Tomkat or maybe try a little "Hey Matt Lauer, go fuck yourself" when you're watching the another trite morning of garabge today show for shits and giggles. I realize that the media is not entirely evil considering most of it is used on a first come first served basis. And I just felt like picking on Matt Lauer. Sorry. And that its not Matt Lauer's fault for delivering the content. Secretly, may be what I'm really trying to say is to turn your tv off once in awhile. And I will take my own advice for that.

I am way off topic originally I wanted to talk about the song No Good Here by Tim Fite and how it is my 2006 theme song. Notice the paragraph above. And no its not because I think "I'M NO GOOD HERE" its actually not that depressing because it some how makes me think of two people who are in love doing something they hate and they realize that they most destroy it by quitting all of the bullshit around them. I can even picture them running down the street embracing this!

The songs is backed by a band called The Seymores and reminds me of the music Reggie and the Full Effect would have made if they were actually a serious band or a good band for that matter. One of these days I'll have to explain this in full extent later.

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Dig said...

T-T-T-Triple post combo!!!! Congrats on earning the monies with your designs.