Thursday, November 23, 2006

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Lately I've been catching up with some friends from late highschool/pre college era. Friends that some how managed to stay friends thru and after college on top of a revolving door of new friends that have come/gone or stayed. Tonight I went to Kildaras which is def. not my kind of bar but it is a 5 minute drive from where I live. Sadly I am not close to any store in walking distance let alone a bar. Unless you maybe count Chester Heights market and the odd part about the driving distance to Kildaras is that walking would roughtly take an hour but driving takes approx 5-8 minutes. I still have yet to figure this out. Getting off topic, let's move on.

At Kildaras Lauren and I waited for our friend Don to show up. And like many nights we sat there completly sober and as the night droned on with definite conversational lulls, we got to talking about the movie Lost Boys. The Corey vs Corey issue arose. Blah, Blah Feldman is the bad one and Haim is the sweet one your Mother loves. Blah, blah they both partied and did a shit load of drugs. I was prepared to explain the differences in the two, but its getting late. And I won't. The night goes on... we're on completly new subjects egging each other on to act like rejects. What I mean by this is our bar talk conversation starts out relatively normal and then slowly gets juvenile in such a way that you've suddenly regressed years in age and you're talking about the first time you've had sex and who you would like /wouldn't like to do (television people included). I'm not a perv, these are the conversations people have once they've had a few (in my case completly sober)I don't make the rules its just what happens. In the middle of us all laughing at our sheer stupidity Don turns to me and says you make me act in a way that I wouldn't normally.


My head cocks back and turns as I ponder this notion. Lauren, basically gives him the same reaction except with a mild look of disgust, in a completly good way though. I have no idea what he means by this. I nudge him and sarcastically retort but in a good way, right? eh? Unknowingly this led to a state of the union debate over our history of friendship. I had no idea but in all 5 years I've hung out with him(discluding the first time we met at 15 ) thinks that we never bonded and this includes Lauren as well. Ironically, all three of us agreed to this. And no one could quite pinpoint why this is. Friendship is similar to tastes and attraction. You can't force somebody to like you, just like you can't force somebody to be a close friend. On the contrary I can't say the same for Lauren (we've "bondned" many times) and although a great deal of some friendships in everyones life are lacking it should be something to be questioned. And what I mean by questuioned brought to attention. The most bizarre aspect was that none of us were really upset by this. And the fact that it wasn't brought up 3 years ago when everyone actually stopped hanging out regularly is completly beyond me. I have to say it was a completly odd way to end the night. Despite it I adore my friends even when they tell me they never really bonded with me.

Speaking of which, I must sleep. Goodnight.

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