Wednesday, November 15, 2006

By the Bookies Have One too Many Kidnies.

Do you ever have those days where you're certain that the world has gone absolutely mad? And you cannot seem to smoothly meet eye to eye with anyone around you?

And you wonder -is it me? Do I have BO or something?

And then you realize, its not you. And that the deadliest of BO's doesn't even deserve this kind of reaction. Work is probably the most simple thing to get through in my life roughly speaking considering its not brain surgery. I give people drinks, and smile -with the exception of a few snotty customers, I can't complain. And normally people will sympathize and say "its cool you had a bad day customers can be real jerks" but this isn't really gripe.

Since Oct. I've put up with some unmentionable co-workers. And some who have been there maybe 2 months tops (I've been there since Oct.) -=will literally call me out in front of customers on purpose because for whatever reason they have control issues. Some one named Mr. Banana was talking to a regular by saying "yeah its hot in here with these long black collared shirts" that statement is fine by itself. However Mr. Banana follows it up by saying in the snidest voice ," yeah, like she (referring to myself) is wearing a black short sleeve shirt but we're not suppose to." He fakely exchange chuckles with the customer. As you can imagine, this infuriates me. Because we're allowed to wear short sleeves regardless of our Handbook and I didn't do anything to warrant this comment to begin with. And this is after MB has told me what to do all day (not a manager) consistently corrects me on how drinks are made or how many pumps go into a mocha or whatever else is on our menu. Mr. Banana will correct me while I'm making this in front of customers. And say that doesn't have 3 pumps it has 2.5. This makes the customer look at me funny. Sometimes he's right. but I pride myself on making good drinks with out being so precise all the time. No one has ever told me this drink taste bad because there was 3 pumps instead of 2.5 pumps. All a drink needs is a little love not a measuring glass with a fucking magnifying glass taped to it. Its not like I'm mixing acid with other explosives.

Mr. Banana also likes to state that he doesn't like opening by himself somedays. And that can be aggravating, understandibly. And Mr. Banana says "I can do it barely but I'll do it, and so can person B and well, you? You're getting close to it." And this is only a few examples -I'm breezing over about 50 remarks I've heard him say to me all week. I laugh it off always, and say stuff like "yeah, thats great and all but I do it this way. Thanks." He doesn't know whether I'm kidding or not but I'm dead serious.
Meanwhile, the staff is required to give on the spots from time to time. I have recently recieved 2 of them and I get points off for not pushing the rewards cards far enough. Its bad enough that I have to ask questions but once they say no after I've said politely "do you want to start one" I leave it at that, and I catch flack for not coninvcing them further? Not to mention another person in charge who is actually a really cool person marked me down for not saying hello in the first 5 seconds when he did an on the spot for me. He nicely says, "I'm sorry but I'm going to have to mark you down for that" what a dick move. I confidently thought he wouldn't be a stickler like that. I am just so fed up,with bending my back over for people who correct me for dumb instances or aren't listening to a word I say. Or in Mr. Banana Cakies case will not shut up about the minor details of his utterly boring life expecting astute attention from everyone surrounding him meanwhile he cuts everyone off incessantly. I never met a person as patronizing as him either. Every word out of his mouth is a correction or some long drawn out explanation (kind of like this one) but about something as simple as the process it takes to brew a batch of coffee.

I am quitting right before New Years, I'ma be in South Carolina, anyway. I realize this seems dramatic but this kind of junk never happened at the other place I use to work at in Springfield. Plus it should be a job to enjoy and not to correct people for not being perfect. And I could write an entire book on more stuff I've been witnessing. I don't even want to get into CRAZY EYES either according to CE "the scedule is not about being fair".

Maybe I've just turned into a mondo douche bag but I'm pretty sure no one in that store gets my work ethic. And if anything co-workers should be in cahoots with jackass customers rather the other way around. I normally wouldn't care but I'm convinced the entire store is operating like this.

It's absolutely nuts.


Cotton said...

you don't have BO. Hey, are you going to the free shot tonight at World Cafe Live?

Dig said...

That sucks that your co-workers suck. I can't believ you work with some one named Mr. Banana. If I worked with someone with that name I think I'd giggle uncontrolably all day.